Key partnerships for more efficient e-Commerce – GombaShop™ and euShipments


GombaShop™ and join forces to provide more comprehensive services to e-merchants and online businesses.

In recent years, there have been a number of collaborations between different businesses related to e-commerce. Many companies offering different e-commerce services are joining forces and combining their services to provide full service to new or already existing online stores.


Such is the case with GombaShop™ – the most recognizable and used SaaS platform in Bulgaria, and euShipments – the leader in courier and fulfillment services for online stores in the country.


GombaShop™ – SaaS e-Commerce solution.

In recent years, GombaShop™ has become a leader among SaaS solutions in Bulgaria. Currently, the platform has over 1,800 active online stores, which have generated over 800,000 orders and 63 million turnover for 2021. The reason for this success is due to the modern and easy-to-use platform in which merchants can build a fully functional online store and start selling without wasting time, effort, and most of all – money. This enables entrepreneurs to allocate their resources much more efficiently, directing a large part of them in the direction of marketing and advertising. The platform is 100% cloud-based and offers 24-hour support.

euShipments – integrator of international courier and fulfillment services.

euShipments is a leading provider of logistics services for online stores in Bulgaria and Europe. It offers a full range of professional fulfillment and courier services with coverage throughout the European Union and soon worldwide. For 9 years now, euShipments has been a trusted logistics partner for online stores, providing them with its courier network, powered by over 20 premium courier companies and 10 fulfillment warehouses (1 of which is its own). The company achieves full automation of order processing through a single API integration, suitable for any online store, or through free modules for integration with the most popular e-Commerce platforms. Over the years, euShipments has accumulated over 2.5 million processed shipments and a team of 40 specialists in Ruse manage all shipments and orders from e-merchants.


GombaShop™ and euShipments are launching a partnership to facilitate online businesses and help them reach more buyers in Europe.

В началото на 2021 г. двете компании взеха решение да си партнират, така че всеки онлайн търговец, който е избрал да използва GombaShop™, сега разполага и с цялото портфолио от фулфилмънт и куриерски услуги на euShipments. 


По този начин GombaShop™ се отличават от останалите SaaS платформи, защото не само предоставят лесно и удобно е-Commerce решение, а и помагат на търговците да оптимизират доставките си в България и чужбина.


В какво се изразяват ползите за онлайн търговците, които използват GombaShop™, за да продават онлайн, и като метод за доставки?

The GombaShop™ platform provides automatic access to euShipments’ international network for B2C deliveries with just a few clicks. Every online merchant who has chosen GombaShop™ can deliver flexibly and competitively both in Bulgaria and to all countries part of the European Union and the United Kingdom. In case the online merchant who uses GombaShop™ needs fulfillment services, the platform has taken care of that as well.


The euShipments fulfillment warehouse in Ruse is available to any online merchant that uses GombaShop™, and the processes between the two platforms are fully automated. This facilitates the creation of an online store and servicing of all logistics processes in it because online merchants:


  • Don’t need to create a website entirely from scratch, which costs a lot of time and money;
  • Don’t need to examine the possibilities with which courier and how to deliver their shipments in Bulgaria and abroad;
  • Have warehouse space available to store the goods they sell online.


Online business owners can count on the fact that every order placed in the system will be automatically received in the warehouse of euShipments in Ruse. There it will be packed, turned into a shipment, sent for delivery, and euShipments will monitor the compliance with the transit times of their chosen courier companies, which perform the last mile. euShipments takes care of the processing of the collected Cash on Delivery payments and transfers the entire amount to the online merchant in a current account and currency of his choice.


The partnership between GombaShop™ and euShipments facilitates online merchants, saving them a lot of administrative, technological, and logistical difficulties because:


  • By choosing the SaaS platform GombaShop™, anyone can start an online store in just a few days without any additional technological skills.
  • Through a single contract with, all current and future users of GombaShop™ can deliver their orders from their address with dozens of premium European and global courier companies, as well as from the company’s fulfillment warehouse in Ruse.
  • Merchants do not negotiate separate prices with different couriers but receive preferential terms for a longer period directly from


A flying start for new and already growing online stores abroad.

For almost a decade, both companies have upheld their values ​​and beliefs, contributing to the development and innovation of online commerce. Their experience shows that more and more online businesses are experiencing difficulties in starting their business. The need for trusted partners to facilitate and accelerate the process of starting an online business motivated GombaShop™ and euShipments to join forces.


Their proposed solution upgrades the functionality of the SaaS platform so that each owner of a start-up online store can focus only on the activities that are important to him – product selection, marketing, and advertising, business development. At the same time, the fulfillment services and deliveries in Bulgaria and all international markets in which he wants to sell and deliver are responsibility of


Additional perspectives for GombaShop™ users.

Every GombaShop™ user will have the opportunity to:


  • To deliver by road  from his address or from an euShipments fulfillment warehouse to 10 countries, part of Central and Eastern Europe, with the option of Cash on Delivery and free of “Fuel” surcharge;
  • To deliver with the Air Express service from the warehouse of his online store or from the main fulfillment warehouse of euShipments with a transit time for up to 1 business day to all destinations in the European Union;
  • To deliver economically with extended transit time, but at an extremely competitive price to premium markets such as Belgium, Germany, France, and Italy.


It is easy to start an online business with GombaShop™. It is even easier to deliver in Bulgaria and abroad with many courier companies through the already established integration between GombaShop™ and euShipments.

GombaShop™ and euShipments wish all online retailers successful sales, more orders and shipments delivered to international markets.


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