Why is Ruse the most suitable fulfillment location for your shipments?


Our fulfillment warehouse in Ruse provides many benefits to online merchants selling in Romania, Hungary, Greece, and Bulgaria.

Anyone who is developing in the field of e-Commerce knows very well that the transit time for delivery is of paramount importance. Most of all, Bulgarian online stores are either already selling in Romania or are researching how to sell competitively to local online businesses.


We, from the euShipments team, have the knowledge and experience on the basis of which we can help every online merchant to expand his business outside the territory of Bulgaria – with faster steps that lead forward.

What is important to consider before successfully launching your online sales abroad?

Thanks to our many years of experience in working with e-Commerce clients, we came to the conclusion that every online store should take excellent care of the following aspects related to international sales and cross-border deliveries:

    • 💠 To choose a suitable location for fulfillment or warehousing, which is located as close as possible to your new target markets and thus to ensure to your customers the most attractive transit time possible;
    • 💠 To deliver your shipments with a strong local courier who is well known and preferred by your recipients in the specific country;
    • 💠 To provide native speakers for all levels of customer service;
    • 💠 To have a local address for processing undelivered, returned, or replacement orders.

Suitable fulfillment location for storаgе and processing of orders and shipments.

Today we will give useful advice on the most important aspect of international deliveries – the location of the warehouse in terms of deliveries to Romania, Hungary, Greece, and Bulgaria. We can responsibly share with all of you that in this context the city of Ruse in Bulgaria is logistically the best, not only because of the fact that we operate there. From the point of view of fulfillment services, this city is actually located in two of the four countries. This was our main motivation to build our new factory for shipments exactly there.

fulfillment center

What are the tasks we execute in our fulfillment center to make online businesses even more successful?

  • 📦 We organize the collection and transport of the merchants’ goods from the address indicated by them.
  • 📦 We receive the goods in the warehouse and verify the quantity and quality of each individual shipment.
  • 📦 We arrange the goods on our pallet storage system and the so-called Pick & Pack locations so that processing of a single order takes minimal time.
  • 📦 Together with the merchant’s IT department, we build an integrated solution between the two companies, so as to automate the processes of receiving orders in the warehouse, generation of waybills, and processing of shipments.


In this way, we prepare all the goods of our customers so that we are ready to process orders and send shipments to international destinations in the shortest possible time. The online stores we partner with receive dozens or hundreds of new orders during the day. Depending on their number, over a certain period of time, our experienced specialists discharge the goods out of the warehouse, prepare and pack them so that they travel to the recipients as safely as possible and according to the specific requirements of each of our clients – the online merchants.


fulfillment center

Why is Ruse the best location for fulfillment?

This is the point to share why in the beginning we explicitly stated that Ruse is the best choice for management and processing of orders and shipments if you sell in Romania, Hungary, Greece, and Bulgaria.

Because the network for courier deliveries developed by us and the specialized fulfillment services allow the delivery of shipments with extremely short transit times.

Each order, which is generated in the system of the online store by 16:00h, is processed and sent for delivery on the next business day, both to Romania and Bulgaria, and the transit times to Greece and Hungary are less than 48 hours.

* Naturally, a small exception is the delivery to the so-called “remote destinations” which couriers do not always serve on the next business day.

Due to the key location of our warehouse, each shipment that leaves it is less than 10 minutes away from the Danube Bridge and the border with Romania. The depots of our Bulgarian courier partners are even closer.


That is why we from the euShipments.com team define Ruse as a city in two countries and we believe that any online merchant who is selling in Romania and Bulgaria would have many benefits if he has goods in stock here.


And if at the same time he chooses us as his logistics partner, then the prerequisites for success are even more. It is too easy to say this, but as people with extensive experience, we like to argue.



fulfillment center

6 reasons why every online merchant can trust us to optimize his logistics processes.

  1. Because in recent years we are the only entirely Bulgarian company that specializes in courier and fulfillment services for online stores.
  2. Because each of our clients invests minimal administrative time for processing orders and shipments, as he is partnering with only one supplier (euShipments.com) and signs only one contract, which covers the entire logistics process – from packaging orders to payment of amounts collected from cash on delivery.
  3. Because we care about every shipment. There are many “Ship and Pay” courier companies. We call them so because only the number of shipments processed or sent by you is important to them, and most of all – that they will be paid. It is extremely rare to find a courier who will be keeping track of what happens to your shipments as they travel to their recipients. It is even rarer for the courier to look for ways to deliver 2 or 3 more shipments or to quickly return undelivered ones so that they are available for new sales.
  4. Because we collect the amounts from cash on delivery and pay them in a currency and current account of your choice.
  5. Because at your disposal is an all-in-one client interface and/or API integration, which not only generates waybills but also gives you complete information about each shipment in real-time, regardless of the country of delivery.
  6. Because in each country we provide you with at least 2 independent shipping methods through the most proven courier companies, which are highly preferred by your end recipients.


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Let’s reach your new customers abroad faster together!

In conclusion, we want to share that in the last few years the number of online merchants who use our services is constantly growing, and once entrusted their shipments to us, each one of them becomes our friend and partner in the long run.


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