We participated in the GPeC Summit – the largest and most important eCommerce initiative in Romania


GPeC Summit 2022 - See highlights from the most prestigious and important eCommerce event in Bucharest. Learn more >>

GPeC is a series of events that brings together eCommerce representatives in Romania. The format evaluates the best companies on the market and has increased foreign attention in the last few years. 

As the prestigious Romanian business media Business Review defines,

“GpeC is the most significant event for online commerce in Romania”.


We were happy to take part in GPeC to create new contacts and maintain business relationships with clients and partners from Romania, which for our clients is one of the most important countries for online sales and deliveries.


As usual, this year’s GPeC Summit did not disappoint. Extremely successful and interesting representatives of eCommerce and related industries visited the halls of the National Theater in Bucharest, where the event took place.


The presentations during the GPeC Summit focused on the future of the eCommerce sector in the Balkans and in Europe in general. Industry experts presented their analysis regarding the new trends’ appearance. Some innovative ideas inspired us to share with you some highlights from the presentations.


The West invests in brand building. The East does not but wants to generate sales.


If we think about this statement, actually in the countries of the Western world, brand building is taken much more seriously than in the East. Even if we take only Europe as an example, a much more developed sense of brand identity is observed in the Western countries of the continent. Many companies from various sectors in Eastern Europe are just starting to develop the branding of their business. It is a fact that an established brand has much greater recognition among consumers and accordingly generates much more sales.


The stronger the brand, the smaller the marketing budget.


This is not a universal formula and, of course, there are many exceptions, but in general, in the presence of a strong and recognizable brand, with the corresponding established reputation among consumers, the need to spend a large budget for marketing activities decreases.


We could add that building a brand involves creating a certain image that is related to the quality of the products/services offered. For our customers, the euShipments brand is synonymous with flexible logistics solutions, quality, security and optimal performance.


Local start with global planning.


Speaking of online commerce, it is natural that most start-ups cannot immediately gain the desired reach and enter all the markets they want to grow into. The development process is not always easy, but based on our experience, the most successful and long-lasting businesses are those that have a vision for global expansion.


We always advise our clients to think globally, because, in the highly competitive eCommerce industry, global planning and vision are prerequisites for future success.

Local couriers and local payment instruments.


As an online merchant, offering your customers local couriers and local payment instruments provides valuable convenience to consumers and turns them into loyal ones. And with the fulfillment services evolution, the task has never been easier. With a courier service integrator like us, online stores can even choose from the best local couriers for each market they operate in.


In addition, our Cash on Delivery option is active in 17 countries, which provides a dose of security for the purchase until the time of delivery, especially for new users.


At least two independent delivery options.


Providing a shipping method choice is a great advantage for any online store. Both the variety of products and the variety of delivery options ensure a positive customer experience. Every online merchant should have at least two different local couriers for a ‘last-mile’ delivery, and for each of them different delivery address options:

  • 🔵 Personal address
  • 🔵 Courier office network
  • 🔵 Partners Access Points (PUDOs)
  • 🔵 Automatic parcel stations (Parcel lockers)


Next business day delivery.


The digital space allows merchants to sell without location restrictions. For a positive user experience and building loyal customers, this should also be the approach regarding the delivery of products. The location of the merchant should not create a delay in transit time for customer orders, so fulfillment services come into place. Through the use of strategic fulfillment locations, order processing and shipping can be done quickly and easily, within one business day delivery.


Turn your local online store into an international online business.


Undoubtedly, innovation, adaptability, and global thinking are necessary for your online store to be successful. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact our sales team or send us an inquiry so we can give you a custom offer!


We offer flexible courier and fulfillment solutions for online stores that want to adapt to the dynamically changing conditions of the digital world. As a trusted partner to online merchants for a decade, we have a wealth of experience that we bring to our services. We strive for continuous development to follow our main goal – to create inexhaustible logistics solutions for our partners and grow together!


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