We now have a third own fulfillment location in Europe


A few months after our launch in Hungary, we have a fulfillment warehouse in Croatia

Thanks to our first fulfillment warehouse Ruse, on the border between Bulgaria and Romania, we have been delivering your shipments within one working day to both countries for a decade. On this basis, we have built our e-commerce delivery network to cover the entire Europe. To this date, we consider this logistics network of fulfillment and distribution centers and our partnership with more than 40 international courier companies to be our most valuable resource and main business advantage.

Fulfillment warehouse Zagreb! What does it mean for us and what are the for customers?

Only months ago we told you about our second own fulfillment warehouse in Europe – the one in Budapest. With the launch of this location, operating through our own specialized logistics software, we have been able to improve our delivery transit times and prices for our services to Central and Western Europe. From the viewpoint of our customers, the online merchants, it means higher competitiveness in the markets of this very important region in the EU.

The dynamics of the development of the e-Commerce business, especially during the pandemic period, have shown us more clearly than ever that in this industry it is necessary to think on a large scale. Following our main goal – to create premium logistics solutions for our customers, we tripled our capacities in the region. Our three own fulfillment warehouses are now at your disposal, with optimized prices and transit times. We have express delivery, starting from 1 business day, for the following destinations:


From Fulfillment Warehouse Ruse – for BULGARIA, ROMANIA, GREECE, HUNGARY

From Fulfillment Warehouse Budapest – for HUNGARY, SLOVAKIA, SLOVENIA, CZECH REPUBLIC, POLAND




Earlier this year, we entered into a partnership with Black Peak Capital to invest in our international expansion through acquisitions and mergers of companies which will add value to our logistics network. The goal is to expand our scope in the West – more and more optimized transit times, continuous improvement of the quality of our services and the number of our fulfillment locations, which will be subordinated to our acquired experience, technological and operational processes.

Taking this path, we began preparations for a new fulfillment center with a key location. One of the largest and fastest growing fulfillment businesses in Croatia came into our view – pickpack.hr. We made contact with company‘s founder, Matej Javorek, and his team, and found a match with our business model and development vision. This predetermined our strategic partnership, which is already a fact.


What are the benefits?

Our new fulfillment warehouse in Zagreb opens wide the doors of Central and Western Europe for all our current and future customers without additional conditions, contracts and integrations.


At the same time, the pickpack.hr’s customers, as well as all e-Commerce businesses in Croatia that want to grow globally, have unlimited access to our services.


Our CCO Vihren Bisset handed over the keys to the company car to our new Business Development Manager in Zagreb – Robert Bracun


Logically, after these events, we also became a premium member of the Croatian e-Commerce Association. e-Commerce Hrvatska was created to help online merchants in Croatia. In addition to them, its composition now includes companies providing the full range of services for the needs of e-Commerce. Our association membership is a great opportunity for new contacts and partnerships with leading Croatian online businesses.


As members, we were also invited to take part in the biggest e-Commerce event in Croatia – CRO Commerce 2022. Our representatives at the event prepared a lecture about how exactly the path from a local online store to a successful international business looks like.


Matei Javorek and Vihren Biset in front of the CRO Commerce 2022 audience.


New possibilities with euShipments

By the end of the third quarter of 2022, our team prepared and shipped over 1,000,000 shipments for our customers. The peak moment in online trade for the year is yet to come – the looming Black Friday and Christmas and New Year holidays. Expecting a large volume of orders we are prepared to handle any situation so that all shipments reach their recipients on time. Even in the busiest periods, we continue to follow our main goal – to create value for our customers and provide them with new and new development opportunities.


Dear current and future customers and online heroes, start local, grow global!


If this is your motto, then contact our sales team for more information on how you can take advantage of our international fulfillment warehouses, as well as all other services that we offer. Each consultation is completely free and we will make you a personal offer based on the goals and scope of your business.



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