We are acquiring a logistics company in Croatia – our current partner PICK & PACK d.o.o.


We invested in our first acquisition of a logistics company - as a result of our business expansion strategy in Europe

PICK & PACK is a Croatian logistics company, one of the fastest growing in the country, and we started a strategic partnership with them a few months ago. Thus, we established the use of their warehouse location in Zagreb as our third own fulfillment center – after the two previous ones in Ruse and Budapest.


Our accelerated development in recent years has created the need to expand our operational base and fulfillment locations. While at the beginning of 2022 we operated with several partner warehouses in various European locations and one of our own – in Ruse, Bulgaria, only a few months later we doubled our capacity with a new own warehouse in Budapest, Hungary. The results are instant – optimized transit times and prices of eCommerce deliveries for all of Central Europe.


It was the strategic location of PICK & PACK in Zagreb that attracted the attention of our team. The projected development of processes and services for the company with the presence of such a fulfillment location in Croatia sounded more than promising. For this reason, the next step forward, which we took at the end of 2022 and with which we confidently and uncompromisingly enter 2023, is the acquisition of PICK & PACK. We are proud to share that on 22.12.2022 the company transferred 60% of its shares to euShipments and became part of our delivery network.


Acquisition’s backstory


An initial stage in our strategy for expansion in Europe was the conclusion of our partnership with BlackPeak Capital – an equity investment company with a team of proven international experts. Through this collaboration, along with additional capital for investments in business development, we got on our side a valuable financial advisor with many years of experience in acquisitions and mergers. In this way, we confidently started a process of searching for suitable businesses with key European locations to expand our logistics network.


“While in the first years of the development of euShipments, a large part of our customers were from the Balkan region – Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, today we have customers from all over Europe. With sales representatives in several countries, nowadays we can confidently define the company as international. After our partnership with BlackPeak Capital, it was only a matter of time before we made our first acquisition, which is now already a fact.” – comments the co-founder and CEO of euShipments Svetlozar Dimitrov.


He, together with his business partner Lora Dimitrova, shares that at first glance the acquisition of a majority share in another logistics company looks like quantitative growth – more own fulfillment locations in the euShipments’ network and a bigger operational team, but the real goal of the acquisition itself is to increase the quality of services for all international eCommerce customers of both companies.


“Our development strategy is to team up with logistics companies that already apply similar approaches and share our values ​​and vision of success. The acquisition of Pick & Pack is a great example which will be beneficial to both companies but most importantly to our customers. Sharing resources and business knowledge will improve the quality and reliability of our service, thus establishing us as the right logistics partner of every online merchant selling in Europe” – Dimitrova adds. 


After initial communication with PICK & PACK and numerous analyses and audits, we validated the desired match of business model at the operational level and development visions between the two companies. But the most important moment in this process is the recognition of both teams and their desire for future success as a whole.


PICK & PACK is a Croatian logistics company focused on services for the eCommerce industry. Despite the lack of many years of experience behind them, the company’s team manages to follow an extremely high standard in its services for the Croatian market. Currently PICK & PACK is one of the leaders in logistics for local online stores and is an invaluable partner for all its customers. The founder of the company, Matej Javorek, understands the “pain points” in fulfillment and courier services for online stores in Croatia, and his business idea is based on solving these problems.


“I have been the owner of several online stores, and I know firsthand what problems the people from this industry are facing. For this reason, I started a fulfillment company to help others and make their process easier. When getting in touch with euShipments, I realized that becoming part of their business and using their experience is the best next level of development for PICK & PACK.”– says Matej regarding the acquisition by euShipments.


From here to where?


The acquisition of PICK & PACK brings outstanding benefits not only to both companies, but also to their customers. Sharing resources and business knowledge – PICK & PACK for the local Croatian market, and from our side – for the most innovative processes and best practices in eCommerce logistics at the international level. This makes their services more quality and reliable than ever before, thus establishing them as the right choice for logistics partner of every online merchant selling in Europe.


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