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We have created a software tool for successful online sales and bundle management

In this article, we will tell you more about Virtual Bundles usage and benefits for all current and future customers who can benefit without any additional conditions and fees.


Online sales of bundles 


Product sets or bundles – a set of similar or complementary products – are applicable for sales in various eCommerce sub-categories such as fashion and accessories, cosmetics, food supplements, home products, toys and gadgets, gifts, etc. Instead of separate sales, online merchants can sell various related products together – at an optimized price, thereby increasing both sales and customer’s satisfaction of the purchase. At the same time, it is a very successful method of selling less popular products in the online store portfolio.


Many online merchants use this type of tactic at certain times of the year – usually associated with various holidays and shopping occasions – St. Valentine’s Day, March 8th, Easter, Christmas, including Black Friday and seasonal sales. In such cases, not only online orders increase, but also the number of goods for each purchase, and product bundles are more than welcome. “More is more”.


Bundles – Main advantages


Popular methods of increasing online sales are webstore sections like “Frequently bought together” or “Related products”. Similarly, bundles offer the purchase of products complementary to or superior to those already added to the user’s cart.


According to the product specifications, these bundles can create conditions for upselling/cross-selling in a very successful and satisfying way for customers. When it comes to online sales of cosmetics, for example – a day cream can be offered in a set with a night cream from the same series, which also exists as a separate related product.


Another advantage of bundling is the combination of top-selling products with complementary ones that do not enjoy the same popularity. Such a set may contain two books of the same genre, one of which is a bestseller, and the second one is written by an promising but not yet established author – and accordingly does not share the same purchase frequency. 


There are two things to consider – the value of the bundle must be aligned with the values ​​of the products in it – too little or no discount does not create “value” for consumers of the additional purchase and may result in little or no orders of the bundle itself. At the same time, when creating a set of products, utility for users should be sought, rather than randomly bundling products. If we take the example above again – a bundle of two crime novels will be much more preferred and ordered than a bundle of a crime novel and a coloring book.


Common issues and how to avoid them with euShipments


Creating sets of products and marketing them is not enough when preparing for successful online sales of bundles. One of the most common difficulties is actually adapting the operational processes of order fulfillment. In our practice, we have often met online merchants who, before starting partnership with us, had experienced serious difficulties in bundle sales. Some of them even avoid using bundles in their product portfolio because of the high operational resources.


The main goal in the preparation of a bundle is to avoid the assembly of incorrect products and, at the same time, to make the process run as quickly as possible. Thus, preparation of sets in advance seems like the right solution. But exactly how many sets need to be prepared and how much operational time and resources will this process consume?


And there are additional difficulties when an online merchant decides to prepare his bundles in advance – the first is the difficult stock management. When stocks of products are “closed” in a bundle, this creates a prerequisite for their faster depletion as individual products. In such a situation, it is most reasonable to restock by disassembling bundles – again creating a waste of time and money.


Observing this issues, we created “Virtual Bundles”. It is a software tool to manage product bundles quickly and seamlessly through the virtual environment of our client panel. It was created to facilitate our eCommerce customers and successfully increase their international online sales.


And how exactly does this happen?


Most online stores, whether they are based on a specific eCommerce platform or a custom software solution, have ready-to-go tools for creating bundles. After creating the defined bundles in their online platform, any merchant using euShipments fulfillment services can log into their customer interface and create similar bundles by simply specifying content by number and type of products for each bundle. Each bundle is created literally in a few clicks, and from that moment the euShipments’ system is ready to correctly transmit bundle information from the online store to our operational fulfillment team, which takes care of order fulfillment process. Online merchants don’t even need to indicate to our team that they will be selling bundles – the process starts automatically.


The main advantages of using our software solution are:


  • 💠 It guarantees speed and efficiency in the preparation of bundles in the same way as the preparation of standard orders.


  • 💠 It is not necessary to use additional storage space for assembled products, which also gives additional flexibility to product stocks.


  • 💠 No time or funds are required to prepare bundles in advance.


  • 💠 Additional software bundle tools and applications (which require a one-time payment or even a monthly subscription to use) are also completely unnecessary.


Dear online merchants, if you want to use product bundles as part of your sales strategy, feel free to use our ready-to-go solutions. With the help of our advanced fulfillment process and our specialized software tool “Virtual Bundles”, you give your customers a truly high-quality user experience. Contact us today!


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