Third episode of our exclusive eCommerce series


In the third episode of our radio series, we analyze sales and deliveries in international markets with David Yosifov from

On April 26th, the third episode of our exclusive series – “Online sales and deliveries in Bulgaria and abroad”, was broadcast on the national air of Darik Radio. This time in Darik’s studio was our CCO Vihren Bisset accompanied by David Yosifov – creator of the popular marketplace platform Together with the hosts Dyuzev and Raichev, the two commented on international sales and deliveries – what are the prerequisites for online merchants from Bulgaria and the region to start selling on different markets, as well as what obstacles they encounter on their way.


David told more about his experience as an online merchant and how the idea to create as a specific business model was born. At first glance, is a marketplace platform with a focus on electronics and small electrical appliances of all categories, as well as a wide variety of products for home, accessories, and personal care. However, David shares what is specific about them – the great attention they pay to the quality of the products that are sold on their platform. Not every online merchant can take advantage of the opportunity to sell in Alleop, and the company relies on the very good knowledge of the specifics and benefits of each product by the team of product specialists. In this way, the most accurate and high-quality customer service is guaranteed, which is the most important aspect of the business for David.


Vihren, in his role as CCO, talked about the euShipments’ advantages that have won the marketplace platform for its client and what is the added value that we always strive to give to Alleop and all our other clients. He drew attention to a very important and very neglected detail by online merchants when they decide to look for a logistics partner:

When online merchants have stocked their goods and delegated the collection of Cash-on-Delivery amounts to third parties, depending on the size of the online business, it can be a very large financial value. This means delegating enormous trust in the reliability of the logistics partner.


“Nobody would entrust their funds to a bank that no one has heard of or does not work with. It should be the same with the logistics partner. Stability, long-term perspective, company details – team, capital – these are very important things that online merchants underestimate.” – this is shown by Vihren’s experience in communication with hundreds of online merchants from all over the world.


By sharing such details and expert insight for the eCommerce industry we aim to encourage local online businesses to “go out” to sell globally. Our mission is for as many merchants as possible to sell throughout Europe, following the example of our successful clients like


You can listen to the entire discussion in the video below:



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