The second season of our eCommerce radio series has started


The new season of our exclusive series for online sales and deliveries is back on air on Darik Radio

The new second season of our exclusive radio series “Online sales and deliveries in Bulgaria and abroad” started on Monday, January 29, on the air of the Darik Cafe show. We are again with Dyuzev and Raichev, who will also host the second season of our series.


Participants in the pilot episode of the new season were our CEO Svetlozar Dimitrov and CCO Vichren Biset. They briefly recapped the first season, as well as the guests in each episode, whose ‘case-study’ participation was intended to inform Darik’s listeners about various aspects and details of successful eCommerce.


“eCommerce is no longer a ‘modern’ way of sales, but a must. Every business has a form of online presence and sells its products or services through digital channels”

– commented Dimitrov, and in his words lies the reason why we will continue our radio series in 2024. More than ever, online traders need a clear understanding of the main challenges and business problems along with their solutions. We will be online again, on the air of Darik Cafe, to inform and advise – through the prism of our more than 12 years of expertise.


Season two – What’s next?

In the new season of our eCommerce radio series, we will focus on the latest challenges for entrepreneurs in this field – inflation and the resulting increased operational costs, geopolitical upheavals, the emergence of new strong players on the international eCommerce scene. The industry is subject to increasing competition, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, which is one of the major causes of concern for online merchants in the region. In the last 1-2 years, we have seen the entry of huge Chinese marketplaces, as well as big brands from Western Europe – who are now fully localizing their websites and advertisements to gain bigger market share in the region. The solution to this problem lies in the simple mathematics – the reduction of the customer base in one market is compensated by entering (and increasing the customer base) in other markets. However, many online merchants are hesitant to expand their business into new geographies. They still lack a good understanding of the mechanisms and processes of international sales, but the truth is that it is actually

“very easy, as long as you have the right partners and the right logistics,”

Bisset shared on air.


As Dyuzev pointed out, “one legend is back” – our partnership with Darik Radio, expressed through the first season of our series, was a hugely successful and useful venture to share expert details of the ecommerce industry directly from the kitchen. There is a whole season 2 coming up, during which we hope to help even more online entrepreneurs recognize the pain points in their business and dare to develop their sales in international markets – the very thing that will help them be competitive to the rest of the eCommerce players and accordingly more successful in their business.


Watch the full season two pilot episode here:




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