The partnership between and BlackPeak Capital will optimize your international deliveries.


Learn how, through the raised capital from BlackPeak Capital, we at will be able to improve the delivery of your online business.

We are extremely happy to announce that a few days ago we,, officially entered into a partnership with BlackPeak Capital to raise external capital of up to 7.5 million euros. This step will allow us to grow at an even faster pace internationally, through mergers and acquisitions of logistics companies in Central and Western Europe. To tell more about the topic, Capital invited Svetlozar Dimitrov and Lora Dimitrova, Managing Partners at, for an interview, and you can read the whole article on the website or in their print edition.


As a leader in the development and providing of the complete courier, logistics, and fulfillment services for online stores in Bulgaria, but also for online retailers from Central and Eastern Europe, offers solutions that dramatically increase the coverage of your online business and save you the unnecessary costs associated with the logistics process. In this way, you will be able to easily and quickly get the most out of the growing tangibility of e-commerce.


The capital raised by will give us the incredible opportunity to accelerate our growth through acquisitions and mergers and will help the company grow internationally through accelerated penetration in Western European markets.


Our commitment to continuously improve the process of sending, storing, tracking, and delivering your shipments to the countries of the European Union and the United Kingdom in partnership with over 30 local courier companies has been one of our top priorities for 10 years. The trust of our clients and partners in the quality of our services is of the highest importance to us. It is not a coincidence that the 2 of our first fulfillment centers are located in Ruse – on our border with Romania, as this is the best location, which allows us to guarantee express transit times and attractive prices for delivery of your shipments to countries in the region and Europe. . All our services are united in one dynamic and stable IT platform, which provides online merchants with a number of advantages.


What does this partnership mean for you, online retailers?


All the clients of receive 2 independent delivery options through at least 2 premium courier companies for each country they deliver to. And now they will be able to count on even better and more efficient conditions for the delivery of their shipments to Western European markets, thanks to optimizations in our international courier and fulfillment network in Europe, through a Buy-and-Build strategy. With it, we will strive to expand our business and coverage of our own courier and fulfillment network to generate even more value for you, online retailers, and increase the quality of our services through investments or acquisitions in promising logistics companies in Central and Western Europe. An example of this is the establishmenт of our first fulfillment warehouse outside the territory of Bulgaria, the one in Hungary. Through it, we will have the opportunity to optimize the price and transit times for delivery to key online markets such as Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Italy, and Croatia. This success would not have been possible without the help of our trusted partners and our clients who constantly challenge us to develop.


Lora Dimitrova, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer of shares with


“The development of our company is entirely due to our loyal clients and partners. We follow the needs of the first ones and develop services that solve supply issues for the second ones. Now our clients are strongly focused on sales in the premium markets in Western Europe and this means for us that we have to be firmly established there in advance. BlackPeak Capital has a ton of experience in realizing international growth like what we need right now, so we chose to partner with them.”


Who is BlackPeak Capital and how has funding become a reality?


BlackPeak Capital was established in 2014 and is aimed at investing in equity capital for the growth of 5-10 million euros in fast-growing small and medium-sized businesses in Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia. Their goal is to establish partnerships with entrepreneurs from the region with the ambition to build world-class companies based on continuous innovation, organic growth, and acquisitions.


Angel Stefanov and Ivaylo Gospodinov from BlackPeak Capital comment:


“The investment in is part of our strategy to consolidate the fragmented market in which the company operates and the funds will be directed both to the acquisition of strategic companies from CEE and to the implementation of innovative strategies to improve service quality.”


We also find support for the financial investment from BlackPeak Capital by the European Investment Fund (EIF), a financial institution that provides financing to small and medium-sized enterprises. Hristo Stoyanov, EIF Regional Manager for Bulgaria, commented the following:


“The successful development of is a testament to the qualities of the management team and the potential of the industry in which it operates. I welcome BlackPeak Capital’s investment in this leading company with an innovative business model.”


In the entire article for the interview with Capital, you can read what else Hristo Stoyanov, Rositsa Chopeva-Yancheva, Managing Partner at XfigureFinance, and Svetlozar Dimitrov, Managing Partner at shared.


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