The e-Commerce trends that will be leading in 2022


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In the last 2 years, we have witnessed how a number of businesses in various fields have experienced a drastic decline in results, while the e-Commerce sector is developing rapidly and mass digitalization is taking over the world.


The accelerated development of online commerce promises many opportunities for online merchants, as e-Commerce services have undergone many changes in the direction of higher customer satisfaction who order online and more comprehensive service to online businesses that sell and deliver internationally.


Today we will look at some of these extremely important areas, which marked a great development in 2021, and will continue to develop in the new 2022:


  • 💠 Marketplaces and e-Commerce platforms.
  • 💠 Free modular integrations with e-Commerce platforms.
  • 💠 Full cycle of fulfillment services.
  • 💠 Integrator of courier and fulfillment services.
  • 💠 Delivery outside your home or work address.


Read the article to learn how to turn your online store into a successful international e-Commerce business.


Marketplaces and e-Commerce platforms.

The Marketplace is a type of online store where many online retailers can add their goods and sell them to the already developed audience of the platform, taking advantage of аssured traffic from users. Examples of marketplaces are eMAG Marketplace, Amazon, eBay, AliExpress. Some retailers use this sales channel as their primary, while others use it as a complementary to their own online store. In both cases, they enjoy several key benefits:


  • 💠 Their products are exposed to a wider audience, which in many cases is already segmented.
  • 💠 The online store receives additional international traffic.
  • 💠 The costs for building an online store, for marketing and SEO, for payments, fees, etc. are minimized.
  • 💠 No technical knowledge or IT department is required to create and maintain the online business.
  • 💠 There are also free integrations for marketplace platforms that provide full automation of logistics and financial processes.


The other online sales channel that more and more online retailers have been targeting in recent years are the so-called SaaS e-Commerce platforms like Gombashop. The reasons for this being the most preferred choice of online retailers are many:


  • 💠 Extremely easy and fast building of an online store without technical knowledge or IT team.
  • 💠 Many more options for customization and control compared to marketplaces.
  • 💠 Extremely low monthly costs in the form of a subscription or commission.
  • 💠 The availability of many built-in tools to optimize the processes in the online store related to payments, customer service, social networks, algorithms for tracking consumer behavior, offers, promotions, marketing, and more.
  • 💠 Full automation of logistics via free modules for integration with already developed international courier networks.


We can summarize that online retailers are looking for ways to optimize their business processes, reduce costs, get rid of unnecessary taxes, as well as to earn more time for taking care of branding, marketing, and sales. From this point of view, marketplaces and e-Commerce platforms are the perfect solutions.



Free modules for integration with e-Commerce platforms.

Choosing the right platform or marketplace for online sales is fundamental, but have you ever wondered how connection takes place between your admin panel, where all new online orders appear, and the courier companies who deliver your shipments? There are several options:


Manual processing

One of them is to process all online orders manually, generate bills of lading and prepare your shipments yourself, or hire employees to take on these time-consuming responsibilities. This whole process is usually not preferred by online merchants because it takes a lot of time and resources, and the possibility of making mistakes is quite high.



The second is to use a courier tool, so-called “plug-in”, which is built into some of the e-Commerce platforms. But in this case, you are highly dependent on the platform and the courier company you have chosen, as it is extremely rare for couriers to have developed such a tool for all possible platforms. In this case, there is also no guarantee that the countries to which you deliver or plan to deliver in the future are serviced by the courier company.


In other words – you are obliged to choose a combination of platform, courier, and countries to deliver that can interact with each other, regardless of whether the conditions, quality, and development opportunities suit you.


Modules for integration with e-Commerce platforms

Because we are aware of the needs of online merchants and we are also aware of the aforementioned problems that arise when integrating an online store with a particular courier network, we have developed free modules for easy integration with a number of e-Commerce platforms. The modules give online merchants:


  • 💠 Freedom and flexibility in choosing an e-Commerce platform.
  • 💠 Access to 27+ European countries for delivery.
  • 💠 Access to 30+ courier companies that deliver e-commerce shipments.
  • 💠 Access to 10 fulfillment warehouses across Europe.
  • 💠 Easy and fast integration in minutes without the need for IT specialists.
  • 💠 Full automation of order processing and elimination of the risk of human error.


Our active clients opted for the hybrid solution between full API implementation and manual processing because it leads to quick access to the delivery network we have built without the online store having to invest money and time to implement the integration. And those of them who also use fulfillment services devote absolutely no time to the operational and administrative obligations related to logistics.



Fulfillment services.

We will first share what “fulfillment” means in its general form, for those of you who are unfamiliar. Basically, the fulfillment service is outsourcing logistics activities related to the operation of online stores. These activities include:


  • 💠 Transportation and/or reception of the goods by the merchant or directly by the manufacturer.
  • 💠 Providing storage space.
  • 💠 Stock quantities management.
  • 💠 Processing and execution of online orders.
  • 💠 Packing and delivery of the shipments to the recipient’s address.
  • 💠 Processing of returned or undelivered shipments.
  • 💠 Communication with the recipients of the shipments.


Fulfillment services have been one of the most preferred services by online retailers in recent years. Demand for them will continue to rise, as in periods of intense decline or growth in volumes, online stores are not prepared to respond quickly to changes.


Other important benefits of fulfillment services are:


  • 💠 Storage of goods close to your customers.
  • 💠 Express and affordable delivery to remote destinations.
  • 💠 Professional management of inventory and storage space.
  • 💠 Professional packaging of shipments.
  • 💠 No costs for storage and maintenance.
  • 💠 No staff costs.


Whether you have an average of 5 or 500 orders per day, fulfillment services are right for you, as fees are usually based on the number of orders processed. This guarantees you security and flexibility because your costs are proportional to your income during a period of reduced volume of online orders. In the other case, when the number of your orders exceeds your maximum capacity, you miss opportunities for development or online sales, disappointing potential loyal customers. In this situation, the fulfillment services will also be extremely useful to you, as the capacity of the large fulfillment centers is practically unlimited.


Choosing the right fulfillment location to store your goods and service your orders is crucial, as it is important that it is close to your end customers. However, there are many difficulties here when you deliver to 2 remote countries or want to activate new European markets to which you will deliver in the future.


As an integrator of courier services, we have integrated 10 fulfillment centers in our courier network and make this choice extremely easy, because our customers get access to the 10 warehouses with key locations through a single contract. Thus, they can deliver to all countries of the European Union within 1 to 4 working days and at the price of a domestic courier service.



Integrator of courier and fulfillment services.

Working with an integrator of courier services, such as, gives every online merchant independence, flexibility of delivery, and the most efficient combination of courier and fulfillment services. The integrator partners with multiple courier companies and fulfillment warehouses and provides all their services through a single contract, which brings a number of benefits to you, the online merchants. Only a small part of them are:


  • 💠 You deliver with many courier companies at the same time, without having negotiated and signed a contract with each of them separately;
  • 💠 You receive preferential terms and sign only 1 contract with a courier service provider;
  • 💠 You have access to the entire portfolio of services of over 30 courier companies and 10 fulfillment warehouses, only through 1 integration;
  • 💠 You give your recipients the option to choose the delivery method and with which local courier company to receive their shipments.


You can learn more about the benefits for online merchants and the differences between the integrator of courier services and the classic international courier in the video:



We can also add that the variety of courier companies we work with gives access to a new type of alternative delivery destinations. They are just at the beginning of their development in European countries, and we will tell you about them below.


Delivery outside your home or work address

Methods for delivering shipments from e-Commerce stores to an address other than home or work have been widespread in Bulgaria, but only in the last year are they becoming more attractive to consumers in Central and Western Europe. These are:


Deliveries to a courier office

Here we talk about all offices of courier companies that allow the delivery of shipments in 1 business day. The advantage of them is that they can serve many more shipments on a daily basis than can be served by 1 courier by minibus.


Pick Up – Drop off (PuDo) locations.

This term covers all locations that do not have the status of a courier office but have courier software and function as part of the network of a particular courier or couriers – local bookstores, gas stations, supermarkets, and others.


Automatic Parcel Stations (APS)

They are also known as parcel machines or just “lockers” and are automated constructions of lockers of different sizes, which have a fixed location with a large total capacity and do not require the presence of employees.


All 3 types of alternative shipment methods abroad are characterized by lower delivery costs, shorter transit times, and much greater security when delivering shipments. Thanks to these shipping methods you can be even more competitive in international sales and deliveries.


Ensure fast and easy growth of your online store.

Be more enterprising and open to innovations in the e-Commerce sector to stay ahead of the competition and enjoy better results at the end of 2022, but also to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. The dynamics and intensity that are common for the e-Commerce sector at the moment can put you in unpleasant and difficult situations.


Trust our 9 years of experience and expertise in international deliveries and send us an inquiry to provide you with the most efficient combination of fulfillment and courier services, according to the specifics of your online business.

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