The customers of the MerchantPro eCommerce platform now have access to 600+ shipping methods across Europe with


The partnership between MerchantPro and ensures efficient and convenient services for online merchants. Learn more.

There has been a trend in recent years to create a number of collaborations between different companies focused on the optimization of e-commerce businesses. The development of digitization is moving forward in full force and many entrepreneurs and merchants have made the transition from traditional stores to eCommerce businesses. For this reason, many companies offering various services for online businesses are joining forces with the aim of providing full service and facilitation to start-up or already functioning e-shops.


Through the integration built by Merchant Pro, any of their users can select as a delivery method with just 1 click and then access the portfolio of services of over 30 of the best courier companies in Europe, and all this is possible only by signing up to 1 contract with


Merchant Pro – SaaS solution for e-commerce.


Merchant Pro is the new name of the established ShopMania BIZ, successfully building online businesses and helping the development of eCommerce for 15 years. Their software allows e-merchants to launch their own online store quickly and easily without worrying about technical development and maintenance. One of the most convenient features of Merchant Pro is the constant update of features and tools, adapted to the developments in e-commerce and giving online merchants complete freedom to focus on the strategy for the growth of their business.

Besides their years of experience in building effective solutions for online businesses, Merchant Pro offers a wide range of services that would facilitate e-merchants in building and maintaining their online store.



Benefits of the integration with the B2C delivery network of built by MerchantPro


  • 💠 600+ shipping methods with the portfolio of services of over 30 proven local courier companies
  • 💠 28 European countries for express delivery from your address or from our fulfillment warehouse
  • 💠 10 strategically located fulfillment warehouses across Europe
  • 💠 Courier deliveries with excellent transit times and at an extremely competitive price
  • 💠 24/7 tracking and access to information about online orders and shipments
  • 💠 Customer service in native language
  • 💠 Professional preparation and packing of orders and their transformation into courier shipments
  • 💠 Processing of returned goods and local address for reverse logistics.



More about the partnership between a SaaS platform and a logistics company specializing entirely in eCommerce deliveries?


It is extremely important for every online merchant to find a balance and be able to focus on growing their business while maintaining and optimizing their e-store. Most SaaS platforms offer solutions that will help you find a balance in online sales, and implemented in combination with our services, will make your online business stand out in Europe and reach your full commercial potential.


Now the 10 fulfillment warehouses at strategic locations in Europe and the services of 30+ courier companies – our partners, are available to any online merchant using Merchant Pro as an eCommerce platform. For their convenience, all processes and data transfer between your client panel in Merchant Pro and the one in our logistics system are fully automated, thanks to the already established and free for the users integration.


The construction of an online store and the support of all logistics processes are fully optimized to the needs of the e-merchant, as he:


  • Does NOT waste unnecessary resources such as capital and time on creating an API integration and on its regular updates.
  • Does NOT have the need to research how he can optimize the logistics process of his business and how to deliver his shipments in Europe.
  • Does NOT negotiate terms with different courier and fulfillment companies in each country it which he sells online, but only with us,
  • Does NOT communicate with a number of courier companies and fulfillment centers in different languages ​​for different countries and cases, but only with 1 dedicated account manager from our team.


Take advantage of our flexible logistics solution that gives you the freedom to grow your business quickly and easily.


We have been providing efficient services and proven solutions for online merchants for almost 10 years now. Each of us is deeply familiar with the difficulties and obstacles that arise in the process of successfully building and expanding an eCommerce store internationally.

Do not hesitate to send us an inquiry for more information about our services. We will send you an offer that includes the best combination of courier and fulfillment services, fully adapted to your business and focused on all possible ways in which you can optimize it.


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