Stenik implements integration with for its Magento customers


Stenik, a leading technology company, has successfully connected the Magento eCommerce platform with our international fulfillment and logistics network. All Stenik customers now have access to our entire portfolio of services.

Stenik created an integration with us in response to the business needs of online merchants for automated logistics solutions. The developer, which is a market leader in building Magento-based online stores, has created meaningful added value for its customers by providing them with an easy and secure solution for international logistics. Thanks to the already active synchronization with our logistics services portfolio, Stenik’s Magento merchants will be more competitive in sales and deliveries in European markets.


What do Stenik Magento customers get in practice?


Stenik adapts to the latest trends that make online merchants’ lives easier and their sales more effective. What does Stenik actually provide to its customers with our integration and what is this “meaningful added value” for them?


💠 Checkout with at least 2 courier companies for each of the countries where the online merchant sells and delivers.


💠 Checkout with 3 different delivery options for each country – delivery to home or business address, delivery to courier office or delivery to PUDO/locker.


💠 Access to a network of over 100,000 courier locations for parcel delivery.


💠 Delivery methods perfectly tailored to the needs and specifics of each market – with the most recognised and preferred courier networks in Europe.


💠 Address database and waybill generation: with the synchronization with an address database, merchants can benefit from greater ease in entering address data and generating waybills. This not only saves time, but also reduces possible data errors, which in turn significantly increases the delivery success rate and online sales.


💠 Integration with ERP systems (Magento – ERP – this ensures synchronized order and inventory management.


💠 Custom pricing options: this includes, for example, different shipping prices depending on different regions or countries or shipping with special parameters (e.g. express shipping).


With the implementation of these new logistics solutions, Stenik gives Magento-based online stores the opportunity to get ahead of their competitors and deliver the best possible customer experience to their online users. Our synchronization will improve the efficiency of online merchants and allow them to focus on the growth and development of their business. is also a socially responsible company, allocating funds from each processed shipment in its budget to support various social causes and initiatives. By entrusting their shipments to them, online merchants help various causes in support of disadvantaged people and various social and sports initiatives related to child and youth education and development.


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