Over 600 000 processed shipments in the euShipments.com network in November


We have processed and delivered a record number of over 600 000 shipments - and these numbers are a reflection of the successful online sales and satisfied users of our clients!

600 000+ shipments or nearly 1 700 000 products – for comparison, in November 2022 we processed just over 300 000 shipments. This year’s numbers mean a lot to our logistics group, mostly because of the success hidden behind these numbers. These are the successful online sales of our eCommerce clients. There are also over 600 000 satisfied customers who received their shipments on time despite the peak period for online shopping.


600 000+ shipments – Thanks for the outstanding contribution of the new members of our logistics group – Pick&Pack, HelpShip and their CEOs Matej Javorek and Stefan Popa! Thanks to them and their teams, and of course to our clients, our group is developing more dynamically than ever.


600 000+ shipments – with shared efforts we justify the trust of our customers and achieve new records. Very soon we will close our most successful year to date – until now in 2023. Over 5 000 000 processed shipments have already passed through our fulfillment warehouses!
Thank you to all the online merchants who have chosen the euShipments.com group for their cross-border logistics and fulfillment, and challenge us to surpass ourselves at every new moment. Our achievements are yours!


euShipments.com is also a socially responsible company, allocating funds from each processed shipment in its budget to support various social causes and initiatives. By entrusting their shipments to them, online merchants help various causes in support of disadvantaged people and various social and sports initiatives related to child and youth education and development.


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