Our shipments have a new mission: “Couriers of future”


eShipments.com is part of "Couriers of Future" - a cause for high quality education for every child.

We are proud to announce that we have taken part in the “Days of Inspiration” event, as part of the noble “Couriers of Future” initiative, organized by “Teach for Bulgaria” and our partner Econt.

eShipments.com visiting students in the village of Bohot


On March 29, Svetlozar Dimitrov, Managing Partner at euShipments.com, Betina Blagovestova and Ashken Minasyan-Garabedova visited Anton Strashimirov Primary School in Bohot and shared with the students the processes of our company and how an ordinary working day in the logistics field is going. The purpose of this meeting was to ignite the curiosity and interest of adolescents in education and realization in the field of courier services.


The children reacted very positively to the event and some of them are already showing serious interest in the courier profession. Many students have asked questions and already have specific knowledge about marketing channels and the major currencies that countries around the world operate.


“It was extremely interesting for the children to understand how the process of order processing is carried out through a website to the delivery to the customer. They asked a lot of questions on this topic, also about some terms from our environment such as: waybills, cash on delivery, invoice, fulfillment, online commerce and others. “- said Svetlozar Dimitrov.



Many thanks to our clients for their “shipments with a mission”


In addition to our participation in the “Days of Inspiration”, for a period of 6 months we will allocate 2 cents of our income from each processed shipment in the form of a donation to the cause of “Couriers of Future”, for which we are infinitely grateful to our clients. The merit is entirely theirs, as the number of their “shipments with a mission” that we deliver to all over Europe continues to grow and thus they are part of the realization of a valiant cause – quality education for every Bulgarian child.



Become part of “Couriers of Future” and give knowledge to school children


Join the “Couriers of the Future” initiative of “Teach for Bulgaria” and Econt to ensure equal access to education for all Bulgarian school children. Support the cause here or contact their team at podkrepi@kurierinabadeshte.com for more information.



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Finance and Accounting Department
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