Our new fulfillment warehouse in Hungary is ready to receive your products and to process your online orders.


Learn how our new fulfillment warehouse in Hungary will make you even more competitive when it comes to deliveries in Central, Western, and Eastern Europe.


We are happy to announce that our first very own fulfillment warehouse abroad is now a fact. Now, through euShipments.com, you can enjoy even better transit times and higher quality courier and fulfillment services not only in the Central European region, but also in countries such as Italy, Germany, and Austria. In order to talk about the topic in more detail, Еconomy.bg invited Svetlozar Dimitrov, Managing Partner at euShipments.com, for an interview. You can read the whole article here.


Find out how you can take advantage of our new fulfillment warehouse in Hungary and how to optimize the international supply of your online business.


Our own fulfillment warehouse in Hungary allows us to use our own warehousing software and pricing model which are adapted entirely to your advantage


Relying on a partner warehouse to be your subcontractor in a specific country provides a great opportunity to reach more markets, but on the other hand – there is always a lack of flexibility and a need for compliance with foreign pricing structures. By creating our own fulfillment warehouse, we have the freedom and privilege to impose our own pricing model that is most convenient for your business.


Also, working with a local partner requires the use of their IT platform, and our own fulfillment location allows us to process orders received and prepare shipments through our own software. In this way, we can speed up the processing and sending of shipments and at the same time significantly reduce the risk of potential errors in the integration between an online platform and our system.


The new fulfillment warehouse in Hungary will also give us the freedom to be flexible and offer you a list of all our courier partner companies and their entire portfolio of services and delivery methods.


Here is what Svetlozar Dimitrov, our Managing Partner, told Economy.bg:


“Our customers have the most stable couriers for deliveries to businesses and home addresses at their disposal, as well as all-active PuDo and Locker networks, also known as delivery points, an alternative besides the personal address of the recipient.”


The best possible control over each shipment in our fulfillment warehouse in Hungary


We would like to note that the positive sides of opening our own warehouse abroad do not stop here. The launch of full-fledged operations in the heart of Europe will allow us to reduce the processing time of amounts collected from cash on delivery, and they can be collected not only in Hungary but also in the entire Central European region. Another advantage of our own fulfillment center is that our Hungarian team, which handles shipments, will provide higher quality and higher efficiency in regard to the provision of fulfillment services.


One of the biggest advantages of our new fulfillment warehouse in Hungary is the extremely fast access to it. Thanks to our unified API integration, every client that has already been integrated with us can use the warehouse without new modifications and additional integrations. The new logistics service can be activated and/or tested with just a single click.


Due to the investment in our new warehouse, we can guarantee the most flexible and competitive logistics solutions according to the specific needs of your online store. You choose the location of the warehouse, and we will take over from there!


Optimize the delivery of your business with euShipments.com


We, euShipments.com, managed to process over 820,000 international shipments from online stores last year alone, reaching all countries in the European Union as well as the United Kingdom. This success can be attributed to the over 30 integrated courier companies through which we can provide you with over 600 delivery methods, including the cash-on-delivery option in 17 countries. This enables Bulgarian online retailers to give wings to their business and reach more markets in the most convenient, affordable, and quick way.

Trust our 10 years of experience in international deliveries and do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you with an offer that includes the best combination of fulfillment and courier services that will focus entirely on the ways in which you can optimize your business.


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