Online sales and delivery in a state of emergency
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Online sales and delivery in a state of emergency


Svetlozar Dimitrov on Darik Cafe discusses the current situation of online sales, are there any problems with the deliveries, and how online traders can cope with the state of emergency.

The current emergency situation has a negative impact on businesses and the economy globally, and e-commerce is not an exception with its decline in almost all online sales.


„COVID19 is changing the world and the way business is done”, Svetlozar Dimitrov said.


Although there is a noticeable decline in online orders in some online stores, there are also such that are experiencing an increase in the number of registered orders. These are online stores that offer wellness products, nutritional supplements, immunostimulants and home entertainment products.


Are there any obstacles for straightforward international deliveries and online sales?


Svetlozar added also that there are no delays at the Romanian border and crossing is smooth, unlike the borders of countries with tighter security measures, such as Hungary and Italy, for example, but euShipments is managing to deal with these conditions.


“The good news is that there are no delayed shipments in our network, both domestic and international, due to the coronavirus.”

On the other hand, courier companies are appealing to online traders to reduce the number of shipments with the Cash on Delivery added service. The aim is to avoid dealing with cash and to minimize the time during which the recipient and the courier are in contact. Get up-to-date information on the Cash on Delivery and courier situation concerning delivery and fulfillment services in European countries here.

What are the terms of delivery to and from Italy? What are the security measures that the couriers are following? What is the future of e-commerce and can the crisis period be overcome?


Hear the answers to these and other important questions about the impact of the emergency situation on online sales and international shipments in the full broadcast of our discussion on Darik Cafe. You can find a sound recording of the discussion on the site of, and the most important highlights can be read on the site of



In this difficult situation, it is important for us all to be flexible and adapt quickly to the conditions and current market demand. We are taking all the necessary safety measures, working with full force, performing international courier deliveries, and our appeal to our clients is:


“Sell! Be Online! Stay home! We deliver for you!”




#stayhome We pick, pack and ship for you!


If you have any questions you can contact us at or +359 88 982 40 04.

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