One year of shipments with the mission “Be Good Today”


With the "Be Good Today" initiative we help disadvantaged people and nursing homes throughout Bulgaria! Learn how you can get involved!

We strongly believe in the idea that everyone can bring more happiness and goodness into the lives of others, and thus into their own. Especially in cases where these are people who need support and help in difficult times. Like the “Be Good Today” initiative, we believe that success must be shared in the form of donations to people in need or disadvantage. Don’t you think?


This belief is part of our strongest values. It is the reason why 1 year ago we started to make monthly donations aimed at various causes, part of the initiative “Be Good Today”, with the idea to support people from different parts of Bulgaria.


Be Good Today is a non-profit organization that collects donations for people who really need them.

The mission of the initiative is to give a chance for a better life to an increasing number of people with special needs and elderly in nursing homes across the country, providing them with everything they need and ennobling their place to live.


We are confident that donations are always used in the best way, as the team behind “Be Good Today” is interested in advance in what the residents of the homes need. Awareness of the needs and shortages of the specific homes is of key importance. It guarantees the greatest benefit for the recipients of donations because it is strictly individual for each society in need.


It is important to mention that as a contributor, each of you has the freedom to choose a specific cause that is closest to you and you will feel most satisfied while supporting it.



Follow the good example! Share your successes and help those in need!

In September 2020, in one of our first meetings with Georgi Malchev, a common theme was our desire to help people in need. After sharing with us how much energy and passion he and his partners put into the initiative and in doing good, we decided to support it.


To this day, we stand behind their cause with every shipment processed. We called them “shipments with a mission” because we and our clients, whose shipments we process, give happiness, warmth and a ray of light to those in need. This makes us part of a more responsible society, of which we invite you to become a part!


Our clients sent 750 000 “shipments with a mission”, and for each of them, we donated BGN 0.02 of our income.

We know that they go to the right place at the right time, for which we are extremely grateful to “Be Good Today”.


Share your kindness!

The Christmas and New Year holidays are usually the time of year that awakens the most sincere and kind feelings in everyone, as well as the desire to help a loved one, and why not a stranger who would appreciate any kind gesture.


On the eve of these bright holidays, we appeal to anyone who wants to make someone’s life better, to contact us or the team of “Be Good Today” to get involved and support one of their causes. May goodness guide us!



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