Manager News on our new international courier services that help online stores to sell competitively across Europe


Here is what Vihren Bisset, sales manager at, shared with Manager News about the future of international courier services.

Earlier this year, Vichren Bisset visited Manager News to discuss the logistics industry in Bulgaria and Europe and the benefits for online merchants who partner with integrators of courier services such as

We deliver shipments from your online store with express transit times covering all of Europe, with the price-speed combination that is most suitable for you.

We follow the trends in the rapidly evolving online commerce and the needs of online retailers to meet all the consequences of the global pandemic. Therefore, at the beginning of 2021, we developed new international courier services.


euShipments Global Premium

euShipments Global Economy


With them, we aim to further optimize the logistics process and provide even more freedom to any online merchant who wants to sell competitively in international markets.


euShipments Global Economy

euShipments Global Economy provides you with the most economical delivery prices possible. This is an excellent solution for online merchants who sell goods in the lower price range and seek fast and affordable access to new international markets through the services of over 20 proven European courier companies. The low delivery prices, together with extended transit times, make the service very similar to postal deliveries. It is valid both for deliveries of goods that are in the warehouse of the online store and for goods stored in our fulfillment center in Ruse.



euShipments Global Premium

euShipments Global Premium is one of our express international courier services and offers much shorter transit times than euShipments Global Economy, and therefore the delivery price increases slightly. The delivery network coverage extends to all countries of the European Union and includes 24/7 tracking of shipments. It is suitable for online merchants with products in the higher price range, who want to sell competitively abroad and prefer to process their shipments centrally in their own or external fulfillment warehouse and deliver globally from there.




It was important for us to choose proven in-time premium courier companies that are established in markets such as Germany, Belgium, France. In partnership with them, we offer our clients our new international courier services Global Premium and Global Economy. They are based on several courier companies in each of our new destinations so that the online stores can deliver safely and flexibly.

“As a partner in the development of our new services, we have chosen to work with integrators of logistics services. Why? First of all, the integrator provides optimized and integrated solutions from end to end, compared to the services that would be offered by the classic courier operator. He adopts the role of a broker of courier services”, shares Vichren Bisset.



What are the benefits for online stores from their partnership with integrator of courier services?

We are a leading integrator of courier services in Central and Eastern Europe and the courier network we have built to process and deliver shipments from online stores operates in partnership with over 20 courier companies and 10 strategically located in Europe fulfillment warehouses.

Thanks to this we have the opportunity to provide you with at least 2 independent delivery options from at least 2 different and independent courier companies in each of the countries in which we operate.


“This is the main difference between euShipments, which is a courier integrator and a classic international courier. If an online store works with a classic courier, then it is highly dependent on its portfolio of services, but what is worse is that it is 100% dependent on the quality of its service. By choosing to work with an integrator of courier and fulfillment services, every online merchant gains independence, flexibility in delivery, and the best of the courier industry in each country,” says Vichren.


We provide you with independence and flexibility when it comes to international courier deliveries because we provide the most efficient combination of courier and fulfillment services.

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