InPost and euShipments – a long-standing partnership with development


The entire network of InPost Lockers is accessible on the euShipments network - via API and client interface. Learn more >>

The partnerships with local courier companies from all over Europe that we have been building over the years have a single purpose. It is a significant increase in competitiveness, and hence the sales of our customers – the international online merchants.


In order to be able to guarantee safe and stable business development, we are constantly increasing the number of local logistics companies through which our international delivery network operates. At the same time, we implement the innovations of each partner structure in our portfolio.


We are pleased to inform you that as of early 2023, all over 22,000 InPost Locker locations are accessible through our API integrations or client interface. What is the meaning of this new functionality and what are the advantages of using it – learn below.


euShipments and InPost


InPost is a leader in courier services for Poland and a benchmark for logistics quality throughout Europe. Our collaboration with the company dates many years back and they are our main logistics partner for Poland.


Currently, in the territory of Poland, InPost has Europe’s largest network of Automated Parcel Machines (APM), or Lockers, part of the so-called Out-of-Home delivery of parcels. They are gradually becoming the most used method of delivery in Poland, and this trend has a strong influence on the neighboring countries of Central and Eastern Europe.


In the last three years, InPost has significantly increased the number of its Locker devices and locations. Starting with around 2 000 stations in 2020, by the end of 2022 there are already over 22 000 Locker devices across Poland and the number continues to grow. Currently, over 87% of Poles have less than 350 meters from the nearest Locker.


The advantages of Locker stations


Lockers are superior to other delivery methods – to a personal address, courier office, etc., because the use of the device itself has no “working hours”. Once a shipment is in its designated Locker, it is available for pick up immediately and 24/7, for the convenience of even the busiest users.


The compact dimensions allow the installation of this type of device in very user-friendly locations – malls, supermarkets, office buildings, and metro stations. Deliveries to Lockers are more profitable through cost savings – due to the lack of service staff and much lower energy consumption compared to a courier office for example. In addition, automatic stations protect the environment, reducing the use of fuels for transport and hence the emission of harmful gases.


All these advantages are appreciated more and more by users in Poland and neighboring countries, and the trend of mass use of Lockers is gradually spreading to the whole of Europe. This determines the need to use Locker locations as a delivery option for all online stores that want to be competitive and correct in relation to consumer preferences.


Some facts:


  • On the territory of Europe, as of January 2023, over 80 000 Lockers are operating, with the main consumption being in Poland, UK, Germany, Sweden and Spain.


  • The leader for Europe is InPost with over 22 000 Lockers, followed by Deutsche post/DHL with around 18 000.


  • The success rate of Out-of-Home deliveries, which Lockers fall under, is over 99% by the end of 2022.


  • In addition, Out-of-Home deliveries currently account for more than half of the total number of deliveries for Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, France and the Scandinavian region.


Return management – Lockers


The advantages of Locker devices for online merchants do not end only with the delivery of shipments to consumers in Poland. They can also be used in the reverse logistics process. Lockers are extremely convenient as a starting point for the return path of shipments for a single return or exchange of products. Not only are their locations mainstream and easily accessible, but no additional action is required on the consumers’ part other than requesting their exchange or return and then dropping off the shipment at the nearest Locker.


We offer reverse logistics through Locker locations to all our customers selling on the Polish market. In this way, they are not only more competitive by using the most preferred return and exchange methods, but by using Lockers they save time and resources for themselves and their users.


Through the euShipments network, online stores selling in Poland can be sure that with these more than 22 000 Locker locations, convenient delivery is guaranteed for absolutely every one of their online users.



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