How to increase your online users’ satisfaction?


How can we leave a positive impression on our online users and how can we increase their satisfaction? Learn more!>>


The development of online services and the advancement of technology prove that the satisfaction of online users is of primary importance. The customers who reach your online store and consider ordering some of your products will certainly want to see the terms and conditions of the delivery. This will make them feel more secure when placing an online order.


Today we will focus on the most successful and proven practices which will undoubtedly succeed in impressing your online users and turn them into loyal customers:


  • 💠 Competitive, short transit time
  • 💠 Opportunity to choose a courier company to deliver the product
  • 💠 Possibility for deliveries to courier office or lockers (Automatic Parcel Stations)
  • 💠 Option for cash on delivery
  • 💠 Customer service in native language for customers in each respective country
  • 💠 Local address for Returns Management


Find out which aspects from a logistical point of view can fully satisfy your potential online customers and make them prefer your online store.


Competitive, short transit times


It is important to give your customers the opportunity to select between a short delivery time, for which they will probably need to pay more, or a delivery with a longer transit time, which will be at your expense or at a lower cost for the customer.


Thus, each one of your customers will have the freedom to choose whether to receive the shipment quickly and pay extra for it or to wait, but to enjoy free or very economical delivery.


You can get this flexibility in delivery options in the checkout of your online store by partnering with an integrator of courier services like us, who will provide you with the opportunity to deliver:



Good transit times that you can establish for your deliveries are from up to 2-4 working days for international courier deliveries or from up to 1 working day if you use a fulfillment warehouse in the country of delivery or a neighboring country.


Opportunity to choose a courier company to deliver the product


For an online user, the option to choose a courier company to deliver the shipment can be very convenient. This way they will be able to trust a courier they know and / or prefer, and you will stop worrying about the chance that they will not like the courier company you deliver with (if it is only 1) and abandon their online shopping cart in your online store. In addition to increasing customer confidence and satisfaction, offering several different and independent delivery options at the checkout of each online order will make you stand out from a number of competing online stores.


Possibility for deliveries to courier office or lockers 


Due to the colossal development of e-commerce in the last decade, the ability to deliver to courier offices or lockers (automatic parcel stations) has gone from a convenient service to a must. This option significantly increases the flexibility and efficiency of your business.


The greater efficiency is a direct result of the 5 times higher daily capacity for servicing shipments at courier offices and / or at lockers, and such capacity is implemented by the leading logistics brands in Europe.


Enabling this option will give you a competitive advantage over the competition and will impress your online users, as it gives you the option for shorter delivery times at a lower price. It also gives the user the freedom to choose a day and time for receiving the shipment that is convenient for them.


Option for cash on delivery


Even it’s not the only one, Cash on delivery is an extremely common method of payment between a customer and an online store in Central and Eastern Europe. In some countries in these regions, this is one of the most preferred payment methods by online users, as they only pay when their order arrives physically. The payment imposed in these cases minimizes the risk of fraud and gives flexibility and security to your customers.


Customer service in native language for every online user in each respective country


For an online user who needs help, few things would be as frustrating as meeting a customer service representative who does not speak their language.


Lack of service in the native language of a customer can become an extremely unpleasant experience for your online users, as in this way you lose the personal connection with the client which can provoke confusion or even anger.


3 of the reasons that prove the usefulness of this service are:


  • 💠 The demonstration of caring for the client and the establishment of trust
  • 💠 The avoidance of improper communication
  • 💠 The creation of an advantage over your competitors


Global markets are becoming more diverse and dynamic, which increases the urge to meet the needs of your customers and leave them with a pleasant impression from your personal communication with them. This includes adding a native language service for each of the countries in which you sell online and deliver.


Local address for Returns Management


In case of a returned product or unsuccessful collection of a shipment abroad, the existence of a fulfillment warehouse or a specific address where the goods could be sent back would not only facilitate the process of returning the product for the customer, but also reduce your costs and there will be no need to return the product to the country from which it was sent.


Make a positive impression on your online users


Be adaptable and provide services that will not only facilitate your business, but also satisfy your customers. Happy online users are much more likely to trust your business again by generating recurring orders.


Over 350 of our active clients are at ease when it comes to providing the best possible customer experience, because we have provided all the listed aspects of logistics that can increase customer satisfaction and make customers order again and again from their online store. Trust our 9 years of experience in international deliveries and online customer support. Do not hesitate to send us an inquiry so that we can provide you with an offer that includes the best combination of fulfillment and courier services with a focus on customer satisfaction, which is fully adapted to your business.


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