How to easily conquer new international markets?


We participated in a series of events where we shared how our customers are conquering new international markets.

May was an intense month for us! We are happy to have had the opportunity to inform a wide audience of current and future online merchants how, thanks to our new services, we can make it easier for them to sell more competitively in international markets:


  • 💠 Global Economy – price optimized cross-border courier delivery with extended transit time;
  • 💠 Global Premium – express cross-border courier delivery with 24/7 tracking
  • 💠 Air Express – premium express international delivery with preferential price terms.


Our goal with these services is to provide flexibility and the most efficient combination of courier and fulfillment services for online merchants.


The participation of Svetlozar Dimitrov in a lecture given to students from the New Bulgarian University.

Svetlozar Dimitrov, the managing partner of euShipments, presented the logistical and fulfillment specifics of online marketing to undergraduate marketing students at New Bulgarian University. The presentation was part of the “Online Trade” course, which Georgi Malchev, a lecturer and professional in marketing and advertising, leads at NBU.

“The main highlights were the different needs in the field of warehousing, logistics, and fulfillment services related to e-commerce. Svetlozar’s examples regarding the scaling of online stores in international markets, and fulfillment for specific products, gave students a context for possible solutions in the industry and trends in its development. Thanks to his 9 years of experience in the industry, Svetlozar Dimitrov explained how online merchants can reap many benefits if they decide to use fulfillment services.”

This was shared about the lecture by its initiator – Georgi Malchev.


In our case they include:

  • 💠 warehouse space for goods and shipments;
  • 💠 processing and execution of orders;
  • 💠 professional packaging of orders and their conversion into courier shipments;
  • 💠 processing of returned goods.

Digital4Burgas 2021

Участвахме в поредица от събития, на които разказахме как клиентите ни завладяват нови международни пазари.


During the event, we shared the latest trends in the digital industry and e-commerce. Our main goal was to show online merchants how they can transform their business to achieve better results and how to become competitive in new international markets. With the development of the new international courier services, we enable every online store to deliver securely and flexibly, because we take over the entire logistics process. With us you:


  • 💠 Deliver with many courier companies at the same time, without having negotiated and signed a contract with each of them separately;
  • 💠 Receive preferential terms directly from us and sign only 1 contract with a courier service provider;
  • 💠 Have access to the entire portfolio of services of over 20 courier companies and 10 fulfillment warehouses through only 1 integration;
  • 💠 Give your recipients the possibility to choose the delivery method and with which local courier company to receive their shipments.


We are your ALL-IN-ONE logistics partner who takes full responsibility to turn your orders into delivered shipments.


Участвахме в поредица от събития, на които разказахме как клиентите ни завладяват нови международни пазари.

eCa Conference 2021 Stronger Together

“Партньорството между онлайн магазин и интегратор на куриерски услуги – вратата към международни пазари


The topic of our participation in the event was “The partnership between an online store and an integrator of courier services – the door to international markets.” During the discussion, Svetlozar Dimitrov and the founder of Cocosolis – Plamen Stefanov, shared how euShipments has become a major logistics partner of the Bulgarian cosmetic brand.


Svetlozar Dimitrov shared:


“Throughout the years at euShipments we have always maintained a responsible approach. Therefore, when we started working with them, our priority was to integrate only once the store and the ERP behind it with the international delivery network that we have developed, and thus to enable Plamen Stefanov and the company Cocosolis to sell and deliver to all desired markets. Our goal from then on was for them to have no additional subsequent costs – integrational or technical. The task we received from Cocosolis in 2020 was to provide them with at least 2 shipping methods to each country in which they sell, and to a large extent, this has already been realized. “


euShipments is your trusted logistics partner.

With us, your online orders are turned into delivered shipments throughout Europe with excellent transit times and competitive prices. And to increase the percentage of successfully delivered shipments, we use the delivery network of over 20 of the most popular and proven courier companies and 10 fulfillment warehouses in Europe and the world. That’s why every online merchant who trusts us gets the best from the courier industry in each country.


“By partnering with so many different courier companies, our customers receive different shipping methods to the same country – slow, fast, express, with and without cash on delivery, cross-border, and from a local warehouse.” – commented Svetlozar Dimitrov.



Our services are based on the needs of our customers and we always strive to provide them with the most optimal solution. For over 9 years we have been constantly creating and developing technological innovations in the logistics industry in order to optimize the work of every online business that reaches new heights and successfully delivers its orders to all international markets. You can count on us!


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