How does UWEAR optimize its courier deliveries in Europe with


Learn how our integration with eMAG and express courier deliveries help UWER to sell more competitively abroad.

With the dizzying development of e-commerce in the last year, every online retailer is looking for ways to make the most of the upward trend, optimize their business or conquer new European markets.


UWEAR is an excellent example of a fast-growing family online store that is becoming an international business, selling in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Germany. They entrusted their online orders and shipments to us,


UWEAR is the Bulgarian partner of world-famous brands for original, licensed children’s goods with an impeccable reputation. They partner with LEGO® Wear, part of the big LEGO family, Minecraft, Fortnite, Harry Potter, and more. It is essential for them to maintain a high standard of service, an impeccable reputation, and high customer satisfaction. Their satisfied customers are their greatest asset and they pay special attention to every delivery.


These values ​​of theirs dictate their need for quality customer service and the best conditions for their customers regarding the delivery of every single item, which brought them to us.


Why did UWEAR entrust their courier deliveries to us,


For more than 2 years, we have met with UWEAR at various e-commerce forums and conferences, which allowed us to have many conversations with their team about our future partnership. During the discussions, we were able to identify opportunities for optimization and offer them a working solution, according to their individual needs.


Thanks to our many years of experience in logistics for online stores, we were aware of the operational issues they would face in the way of their future development when shipment volumes started to grow. However, for a long time, their team delayed the start of our joint work, as they already had contracts with other courier service providers.


However, with the growth of the online business, UWEAR found the need to optimize various processes of their logistics:


  • 💠 Functional integration with their eMAG Marketplace customer profile to process their orders faster and error-free.
  • 💠 Higher % of delivered orders with coverage in several European countries.
  • 💠 To provide affordable payment methods to their customers.
  • 💠 A variety of shipping methods to different destinations in Europe.
  • 💠 Recognizable courier companies to deliver to their customers abroad.


How did we optimize the international courier delivery and order processing process for UWEAR?


At the end of 2021 UWEAR first tested our free integration with the eMAG Marketplace, which resulted in a huge increase in the number of waybills they created through our software. With a seasonal increase in their online orders around Black Friday and the Christmas holidays, it only took them a few days to see how much time they would save processing online orders and generating waybills. Thus, they were able to convince themselves of the effectiveness of our services, and from that moment we concluded a partnership relationship. And here’s how the integration itself works:



By partnering with us, UWEAR gained access to the entire spectrum of courier services of the most recognizable courier companies in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Germany.


The biggest benefit for them is that they use preferential conditions for deliveries to all 4 countries without having to negotiate their conditions individually with different foreign courier companies. This saves them a lot of time and resources since they only contact us, and we guarantee the quality of each delivery, regardless of which courier makes it.


The UWEAR team was also impressed that they had at least 2 independent cross-border delivery options available in each of the countries listed, and the active “cash on delivery” option in Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary gave them peace of mind that they would meet the needs of its customers who prefer this payment method.


What is the feedback of UWEAR?


We are actively interested in the feedback of our customers to ensure that we provide them with the highest quality of service. After the first few months that they used our services, the online store told us that one of the most important aspects for them in our partnership was the integration software with their profile in the eMAG Marketplace.


What makes it easier for them the most is that the management of their orders is extremely easy, and all the information about their shipments and cash flows is gathered in one place – in our client interface. It is fully synchronized and integrated with their eMAG Marketplace trading profile, thanks to our free eCommerce platform integration modules. The integration automates the process of processing online orders and generating waybills, saving online businesses valuable time.


How are UWEAR saving taxes from financial services and transactions?


It is a high priority for any online business to minimize its overheads when activating new markets, and with us this is an easy task. Our customers and UWEAR already save on cash on delivery costs, bank charges, and conversions, thanks to our developed model of collecting, converting and paying out the amounts collected from cash on delivery.


They also benefit from fixed cash on delivery fee and receive their funds:


  • 💠 In a payment account of their choice.
  • 💠 In a currency of their choice.


UWEAR has guaranteed its acceleration and easy growth in international markets, with only 1 contract with an integrator of courier services –


Partnering only with us, UWEAR successfully delivers its shipments to international markets with various proven courier companies. But in addition, in this way, they also open up many opportunities for future development.


They trusted us to be their All-In-One logistics partner as they conquer new European markets, because we can provide a number of advantages along their development path:


  • 💠 Over 600 delivery methods to 27 European countries;
  • 💠 International courier delivery network in partnership with over 40 proven courier companies;
  • 💠 Fulfillment services in 11 fulfillment centers at key locations in Europe;


We are ready to be there for them, whatever their future holds. With all these advantages, the activation of new European markets for them happens extremely quickly and without the need to negotiate operational and price conditions with new courier companies, since they are already part of our international courier delivery network.


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