How does the integrator of courier services help online merchants?


Learn about the benefits for online merchants from their partnership with an integrator of courier services.

More and more online merchants prefer to partner with an integrator of courier services, such as, instead of working with many traditional international couriers. But why?


We decided to record a video in which to answer this and more questions and to make it easier for online merchants to choose a logistics partner. In the video, Svetlozar Dimitrov, Managing Partner at, shares:

  • 💠  What are the main differences between the international network for deliveries of shipments from online stores developed by us and that of a traditional international courier?
  • 💠  What are the benefits for online merchants from their partnership with an integrator of courier services?



How does our international delivery network make your online store more successful in online sales and deliveries to international markets?

We can provide you with the most efficient combination of courier and fulfillment services according to the specific needs of your online business, because:

  • 💠 In our courier network, we have selected the most outstanding courier companies for each of the delivery countries.
  • 💠 We have also integrated our own fulfillment warehouse in Ruse, as well as 9 other partner fulfillment warehouses situated in key locations in Europe.
  • 💠 We combined the strengths of each of our courier and fulfillment partners.
  • 💠 We guarantee at least 2 independent delivery options in each country.
  • 💠 We give you full access to the entire courier network with only 1 integration.


The fact that we provide the entire portfolio of services of many courier companies and fulfillment centers in just 1 contract is the main difference between the integrator of courier services and the traditional international courier, which can provide only its own services.

Как интеграторът на куриерски услуги улеснява онлайн търговците?

What are the main differences between the integrator of courier services and the traditional international courier?

In our many years of experience, we at, an integrator of courier services, have worked in partnership with many international and local courier companies and have tested numerous delivery options. This has led us to the most efficient logistics solutions and the most proven companies in the courier industry in each country.


Unlike us, each classic international courier delivers with its local division or with 1 specific partner in 1 specific country. Therefore, in each country that you ship to, you only have one delivery option.


The courier integrator works with many different courier companies, which he uses for different countries and for different shipping methods.


“In our case, in addition to dozens of integrated courier companies, we also have the portfolio of fulfillment services of our own fulfillment center, as well as 9 other partner fulfillment locations in the European Union. This gives us the opportunity to deliver goods both from the address of the online retailer and from our fulfillment warehouses. ” – adds Svetlozar Dimitrov.


Another major difference is that when an online store is in partnership with a classic international courier, it is entirely dependent on several key factors:

  • 💠 The limited portfolio of services of only 1 courier company for a specific country.
  • 💠 The quality and reliability of the respective courier services.
  • 💠 The capacity and load of the international network of the company.


This is not the case with the courier integrator, because he can always offer a 2nd, independent delivery option from a 2nd independent courier company in the same country. And more:

“The logistics solution we have developed allows us to automatically choose which of all couriers in a country to deliver with in order to receive the most reliable and high-quality service, depending on the weight of the shipments, the destination of the shipments or other criteria.” – shared the managing partner.


Как интеграторът на куриерски услуги улеснява онлайн търговците?

Working with an integrator of courier services guarantees reliability and flexibility of deliveries.

In the video we share details about the advantages of having the services of several courier companies in each of the countries where you deliver, and some of them are:

  • 💠 You can rely on at least 1 additional courier company to take over your deliveries if there are technical obstacles to the current company with which you deliver.
  • 💠 You minimize the percentage of unsuccessful shipments.
  • 💠 You give your clients the opportunity to choose the shipping method and which local courier company to deliver their shipments.

What other benefits are there for online sellers?

You have access to the entire portfolio of services of over 20 courier companies, 10 fulfillment warehouses, and hundreds of shipping methods through just 1 integration.


You deliver simultaneously with multiple courier companies, without negotiating commercial and operational conditions, and without signing a contract with each of them separately.


You receive preferential delivery terms from the very beginning, which do not depend on your monthly volumes.


You don’t receive the collected cash on delivery amounts from each company separately, but all at once in a currency and account of your choice.


You don’t communicate daily with different account managers from each individual courier company, but with only one key account manager for all shipments, all couriers, and all countries.


Save on unnecessary fees for cash on delivery, bank charges, and currency conversions.

Watch the whole video to learn what else Svetlozar Dimitrov shares about working with an integrator of courier services and how online merchants can be even more competitive abroad.

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