How do euShipments clients save on the cost of cash on delivery tax, bank charges and currency exchange?


What is cash on delivery and does it have a future in Bulgaria and Europe?

The Cash on Delivery option is used by a large number of online merchants in their international deliveries.


About 10 years ago, Bulgarian online stores decided to expand their activities in the neighboring countries of Greece and Romania. In 2015/2016, they began to feel that international e-Commerce wasn’t so scary and looked to Central and Eastern Europe, where some of them had established their brands and stores successfully and where more and more Hungarians, Poles, Czechs, and Croats were ordering from online retailers, established in Bulgaria.


During these international expansions, the merchants here realized that “cash on delivery” as a form of payment between merchant and online consumer is not only a factor in Bulgaria but is applicable in many other countries!


What are the facts?

The majority of consumers in Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, and Greece prefer to pay for the goods they order online only when a courier brings them home or to the office. The cash on delivery is less recognizable but still used in countries such as Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Cyprus. Precisely due to the fact that more and more online stores positioned in Bulgaria sell and deliver to these markets, we have further developed our services so that they are even more useful to Bulgarian online retailers.

We fixed the cash on delivery fee!

The first and already known fact is that under certain conditions our customers have the opportunity to pay a fixed “cash on delivery” fee, but not % of the amount collected. In this way, they save significant funds on the total cost of transport and the collection of cash on delivery.

Anyone wishing to take advantage of such a fixed fee can contact our Sales Department.

Our clients choose by themselves in which currency and current account to receive their money collected from cash on delivery throughout Europe.

Analyzing the cash flows, we found that the following innovation will significantly contribute to the competitiveness of Bulgarian online stores that sell and deliver on international markets with the option of cash on delivery. It is related to the path of the funds from cash on delivery.


At the moment, we at euShipments maintain the following fintech and current accounts:


Here we receive the amounts of cash on delivery collected by our international partners in the following currencies: BGN, EUR, HUF, RON, HRK. Through it we can pay the funds collected in the respective currencies to other Paysera accounts in each of the listed currencies.


In this account, we receive the amounts of cash on delivery collected from our international partners in the following currencies: CZK and PLN.


Local bank account in Romania in RON.
We use it for clients who also have a local bank account in Romania.


All this allows us to collect the amounts from cash on delivery in the original local currency, regardless of the country of delivery.


Before activating new clients for us, we inform ourselves in advance about their preferred way to receive these amounts:

  • 💠 In the original local currency in which we collected the funds;
  • 💠 In BGN, after we, without additional costs for the online store, have exchanged the original currency at the current daily bank rate “buy”.
  • 💠 Or a mix of both. For certain destinations in the original currency, and for others in Bulgarian levs and in a Bulgarian current account.


The summary is that our clients can choose in which currency and bank account to receive the amounts collected from cash on delivery throughout Europe. For all this, they pay only the standard cash on delivery fee, which in turn can be a fixed absolute value.


We save unnecessary costs for our customers!

  • Thanks to the model developed by us for collection, conversion and payment of the amounts collected from cash on delivery, our clients save significant funds:
  • 💠 From maintaining multiple bank accounts in Bulgaria and abroad.
  • 💠 From bank charges for the transfer of funds from a local account to another.
  • 💠 From currency differences, as they are reduced to zero or close to zero.


Do you sell on international markets with a Cash on Delivery option?

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Finance and Accounting Department
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