How did Exclusive Jeans improve their logistics in Romania thanks to


Find out how our integration managed to optimize the deliveries of Exclusive Jeans in Romania


Еxclusive Jeans is a Bulgarian brand with 18 years of experience in the production and trade of premium denim fashion. At the moment, their online store sells and delivers successfully in the Balkan region and other European countries.


One year ago, their team contacted us,, about logistical problems with their shipments to Romania. After going into detail and getting to know the business in several consecutive meetings, we identified the source of the problem and offered them an individual solution, which we will share today.


Until the negotiations with us, Еxclusive Jeans used the services of only one courier company, with which we do not have a partnership for delivery in Romania. After approving the operational process and the financial terms of the offer we provided them, Exclusive Jeans implemented the module integration with our courier network.


Here it is important to clarify that the online store of Еxclusive Jeans is based on the eCommerce platform of our trusted partners from Valival commerce. By assigning Valival commerce an expansion of the checkout for Romania, they integrated our portfolio of courier companies.


What is the result of integrating Exclusive Jeans with our courier network?



In the photo you can see the current checkout on the website of Еxclusive Jeans and a total of 4 courier companies that can be selected for “last-mile” delivery.


As a result of the integration with us,, in addition to the current courier, the online store is now able to use the services of 3 other courier companies to deliver their shipments to Romania. Our partner Cargus has become their new default courier, and the old one remains a possible checkout option.


In addition, by integrating with us, Еxclusive Jeans has activated the delivery network of FAN Courier and Sameday with their entire portfolio of services – with the ability to deliver to address, office and automated parcel stations, also known as locker networks.


This allows each of their recipients to choose with which of our Romanian partners to receive the shipment, which leads to higher customer satisfaction and fewer abandoned carts. Regardless of the different prices and delivery conditions by couriers, each recipient based on his personal experience and based on his personal impressions with different courier companies has the opportunity to choose how to receive their shipments.


Our logistics solution is available to any online retailer


It is important to note that the solution developed for Еxclusive Jeans is valid for all our clients online merchants in 2 different ways of functioning of the checkout:


  • 💠 1. All courier companies to be listed and the recipients to be able to choose with which courier company to receive their shipment, and then to choose from the possible shipping methods provided by the chosen company;


  • 💠 2. The reverse process is also possible – first, the online users choose the method of delivery they want – to address, office, or courier locker and then based on the chosen preferred method of delivery, they choose from possible companies that provide such shipping method.


This type of checkout development is valid for Romania as well as for absolutely all other destinations to which we deliver the shipments of our online merchants. The services of have coverage in all countries, part of the European Union as well as the United Kingdom.


Deliver with at least two independent shipping methods in each country


In each of the countries where our courier services are provided, we can give our customers access to the networks of more than one courier company and provide them with a choice of different shipping methods. They can be different in transit time, different in price, and different in type – to home and work address or to networks of courier offices and lockers.


Guarantee successful international deliveries and do not hesitate to send us an inquiry, and we will provide you with an offer for the best combination of fulfillment and courier services, fully adapted to your business and the ways in which we can optimize it.


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Betina Blagovestova

Finance and Accounting Department
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