From a local Bulgarian online shop to an international European business.


Get to know the story of our partnership with APRIMONIA EOOD and how from a local Bulgarian online store they have become an international business operating in several European countries.

We met with Mr. Vladimir Rizov, owner and manager of Aprimonia EOOD, at the beginning of 2019. At that time his company was developing a successful online business, offering on the Bulgarian market selected products in the field of sports goods and accessories for everyday use. The combination of quality products and own brands, marketed through several different online channels, had led to the steady growth and recognition of Aprimonia as a preferred e-commerce site for Bulgarian consumers in the relevant market niche.

With such successful online sales in Bulgaria, the next step naturally was to look towards international sales. Learning about our specialized online store logistics services from our website, Vladimir contacted us in April 2019. After a few exchanged emails, we started our first introductory conversation. Usually, our goal when first meeting a potential customer is to capture the company profile with as much detail as possible. We need to know several things:


  1. The nature of the products in the store – their weight, size, and average order value.
  2. In what countries does the online store have current sales and how does it ship?
  3. What are the challenges that the business is currently facing in terms of logistics?
  4. Which other destinations does the merchant want to enter?


First step: deliveries to Romania from a fulfillment warehouse in Rousse.

During our conversation, we found out that one of the most successful sales channels of Aprimonia in Bulgaria is eMAG. Accordingly, the next direction for development as an international European business was the strongest eMAG market, which is Romania. Together with the team of Aprimonia, we identified the following most efficient operating model for them:

  1. Warehousing products at the euShipments fulfillment warehouse in Rousse, thus guaranteeing to the customer that all orders received in the online store by 15:00 on a certain business day will be delivered by us to any point in Romania within 24 hours.
  2. Working through a client panel in which the administrators of Aprimonia could easily upload orders and keep track of all the necessary information (order statuses and history, accepted goods and stocks, complete and detailed tracking information about the shipments and the collected, as well as the paid cash on delivery amounts).
  3. Deliveries to the whole of Bulgaria in 24 hours. It was only natural to take the decision for orders to Bulgaria to be also managed by us. This way, Aprimonia “killed” their own warehouse in Sofia along with all related processes, issues, and costs.

Our years-long experience in serving online traders with Romania has enabled us to support Aprimonia in many ways in the process of launching their sales in this market. From arranging a Romanian phone number to breaking the language barrier, and advise on VAT registration in Romania, our team of professionals was always available to assist.

Second step: deliveries to Hungary and Poland from the same fulfillment warehouse in Rousse.

With the summer of 2019 set in, Aprimonia began to increase its number of orders day by day. By that time, we already felt like a team where everyone was doing their best for better communication, smoother processes, and more satisfied customers. The most natural next step was for the client to entrust us with more orders, more shipments, and more countries to deliver to.

Now is the time to note that starting deliveries to new countries for our active clients and turning their business into an international European business is as easy as 1, 2, 3:


  1. An annex to their contract;
  2. Some quick IT settings to their account;
  3. An all that is left for them to decide is how they want to receive the cash-on-delivery amounts.


For the online retailer, the only task that remains for them is to sell. We take care of all the deliveries, either by collecting the ready shipments from the warehouse of the online seller or by fulfilling the orders in any of our own warehouses.

“Hungary and Poland have been worth the effort of translating texts and content, opening accounts in the respective eMag. In terms of courier deliveries and working with InOut, it cost us nothing – my team continues to work through a single customer interface as before, and we receive all the cash-on-delivery payments together in the same bank account. From the same warehouse in Ruse, we are already delivering to 4 countries!”, Vladimir Rizov.

What’s ahead? Business expansion into Italy, France, and Germany.

2020 will certainly be again dynamic and exciting in regard to our work with Aprimonia. They are about to launch online sales in Italy and France within a few months, so we are expecting them to send orders to our fulfillment warehouse in Bolzano soon, from which we make courier deliveries to these two destinations. Germany is also in the process of being developed as a market, and our Berlin warehouse is the perfect place from which to turn their orders into deliveries.

Trust us!

Stable growth in online sales is only possible with strong partners. When the online merchant has selected well the goods for the store, has found the working marketing channels, what is left is only someone to take care of the delivery of the orders.

We have been doing this for eight years now, and we can proudly say that the accumulated know-how, the fulfillment and delivery network being developed, and the IT environment taking care of its functioning, have their uniqueness both for Bulgaria and for the region.

Let us together reach your new clients/recipients abroad through our full range of Courier & Fulfillment Services!

We can guarantee you fast delivery times and unbeatable prices!

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