Forbes awarded euShipments as one of the most innovative companies in Bulgaria


Innovations in logistics for online stores! This is what the members of the numerous Forbes jury that awarded euShipments saw.

We are happy to announce that we placed second in the Innovative Service Category of the Forbes Innovation Forum&Awards 2022! This is the first edition of Forbes Bulgaria, evaluating and rewarding innovations in business.


Forbes Bulgaria is part of the largest business media in the world, “the voice of entrepreneurial capitalism”. As the organizers state, Innovation Forum&Awards is designed for companies that know their customers and have built their businesses on customer experiences, not on the desire for quick profits.


The award ceremony took place on September 28th at Sofia Tech Park. In the presence of hundreds of guests, as well as the leaders of the most innovative companies in Bulgaria, Forbes awarded participants in three categories – Social Innovation, Product Innovation and Innovative Service.


Svetlozar Dimitrov (CEO at JSC) received the award on behalf of euShipments.

Receiving the award for Innovative Service, S. Dimitrov said:


“We talk about innovations, but no one has said to whom we owe these innovations. Each of the companies awarded today owes it to their customers. I want to thank our customers! They push us to be more and more innovative, to come up with new solutions for their online stores and to deliver more and more competitively across the EU.

Thank you, Great Customers!”


Forbes recognized euShipments as one of the most innovative companies in Bulgaria

Why exactly were we awarded as innovators?

The three methods we offer for delivery of shipments from online stores are not innovative in themselves:


💠 Delivery from fulfillment warehouses;

💠 From the addresses of the online stores;

💠 Through the so-called Injection points.


Combining them in one logistics company and “packing” them in one logistics software; along with the possibility for online stores to gain access through the implementation of one API and the flexibility we offer with our more than 600 delivery methods – here the jury saw the benefits of the services we offer, and our innovative approach.

Innovation is our corporate culture, the way we choose our priorities and the attitude we have towards customers. We strive to provide independence with at least two different delivery options in each of the countries we deliver online orders and shipments to, with accessing the most popular PUDOs and Parcel Locker networks.

All this through 1 API and 1 contract with us.


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