Final episode of our exclusive eCommerce radio series


Our radio series with a final conclusive episode - how did we help Darik's listeners?

The final episode of our eCommerce series in partnership with Darik Radio aired on July 27th. We discussed the idea behind the creation of the series and summarized the highlights of the previous episodes.

Final episode of “Online sales and deliveries in Bulgaria and abroad”

We remind you that from January 2023 until now – over the course of half a year, a total of six episodes of “Online sales and deliveries in Bulgaria and abroad” – our exclusive radio series for eCommerce – have been broadcast. Every month we invited one representative of the online sales and related industries in Bulgaria to participate in a radio episode with a specific eCommerce theme and to share knowledge and experience with the audience. Our goal was to present to Bulgarian radio listeners the most important and interesting moments from the world of online sales in Bulgaria and Europe through a discussion on key topics.

Who were the guests in the series and why did we choose them?

Our guests in the various episodes of the series were Cocosolis, Stenik, Alleop,, Prim – successful Bulgarian companies and long-time partners and friends of euShipments. Our judgment in selecting these guests was well thought out because we wanted to represent a variety of perspectives and experiences from different sectors of eCommerce.

Cocosolis, Alleop and are some of the most successful Bulgarian online stores, which achieve great success in international markets. They are a wonderful example of how local merchants can be extremely competitive in foreign markets as well. Stenik and Prim, for their part, are representatives of software services for eCommerce, which, through their high-quality digital solutions, contribute significantly to the development of the eCommerce sector. Each guest shared good practices and valuable pointers to benefit online entrepreneurs. Thank you to our guests for supporting this project by participating and sharing their expert opinion!

“Online sales and deliveries” through the eyes of euShipments

As you know, eCommerce logistics is our expertise and years of experience give us advanced knowledge that we want to share for the development of the eCommerce industry.

“With this series, we gave a 360-degree view of eCommerce. Our goal is for the audience to understand that, in fact, eCommerce success is a matter of choice and Bulgarian online merchants can successfully cover large international markets. Operating only in the domestic market, they don’t use the main advantage of eCommerce – that it is global.” – Svetlozar Dimitrov shared on air

In the last episode of the series, we also summarized the most important moments in terms of logistics from the past episodes:

  1. Should the fulfillment process be in-house or outsourced and how to choose the right fulfillment partner
  2. Specifics and good practices for domestic and international deliveries
  3. When to start preparing for the peak online shopping periods of Black Friday and Christmas

It is necessary for an eCommerce business to always be aware of current trends and best practices in the industry, as well as to have access to expert support and advice. This is exactly what we strive to provide with the radio series “Online sales and deliveries in Bulgaria and abroad”, as well as with our future projects, through which we will continue to share our experience and expertise.


YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE DISCUSSION IN THE VIDEO BELOW: is also a socially responsible company, allocating funds from each processed shipment in its budget to support various social causes and initiatives. By entrusting their shipments to them, online merchants help various causes in support of disadvantaged people and various social and sports initiatives related to child and youth education and development.


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