Fifth episode of our exclusive eCommerce series


In the new fifth episode of our Darik radio series, we analyze the smart ways to integrate an online store with ERP, fulfillment and logistics solutions

The fifth episode of our exclusive radio series “Online sales and deliveries in Bulgaria and abroad” was broadcast on June 19. Darik’s studio was again visited by our CCO Vichren Bisset, accompanied by Dimitar Giulev – CEO of and our long-standing partner. The focus of the discussion this time was around the ways an online store can successfully integrate an ERP system, fulfillment and logistics solutions for the purposes of its international development.


Giulev briefly shared what an ERP system is and how has been helping Bulgarian and international online merchants to get the maximum benefit for their business from this type of software solution for more than 10 years. The ERP system integrates and automates various functions and activities such as production, sales, inventory management, accounting, human resources. The goal of the team is to improve efficiency, transparency and control over processes, providing in real time complete and up-to-date information on the state of the business.


What is the relationship between ERP and logistics?


Vichren Bisset explained how the partnership between euShipments and was created and more importantly – what is the need for its appearance for online merchants who entrust their international shipments to us.


“Our logistics services allow online merchants to sell seamlessly to multiple international markets; at the same time, this requires the use of ERP software to automate as many of the online business processes as possible. For this overall model to work, integration between an online store, logistics and ERP provider is needed – this is why euShipments and have developed an integration with each other, which is a ready-made combined solution for all eCommerce businesses that want to grow.” – commented Bisset.


Supporting the development of our customers, we witness the various difficulties that are beyond the scope of logistics and that they face every day. Fulfillment and international deliveries are not the only pain points of online merchants who grow internationally – to be competitive in local and foreign markets, they must effectively manage their processes, analyze their results and make informed business decisions . Through our partnership with, we have the opportunity to help them find a reliable software solution, and through our ready integration, we also save them time and resources to invest back into their business.





We thank Dimitar Giulev for accepting our invitation to participate, as well as the Darik Radio team for their hospitality! Stay tuned for the new episode of our radio series in a month – who will be our guest and what, related to eCommerce, we will discuss next time – you will find out soon! is also a socially responsible company, allocating funds from each processed shipment in its budget to support various social causes and initiatives. By entrusting their shipments to them, online merchants help various causes in support of disadvantaged people and various social and sports initiatives related to child and youth education and development.


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