euShipments with a new, better shipment method to the Czech Republic.


See how we have optimized the shipment method to your recipients in the Czech Republic in partnership with the Czech courier company We Do.

It is a fact that in the last 2 years more and more Bulgarian online retailers have started selling on the territory of the Czech Republic. It is no secret that all Bulgarian online retailers that sell remotely to this market, part of Central Europe, enjoy good recognition and a steadily increasing volume of shipments.


New services included in the price of the shipping method to the Czech Republic.

That is why we at euShipments have developed an entirely new shipment method for your recipients in the Czech Republic. Thanks to it, all our current and future customers will enjoy (included in the delivery price) 2 delivery attempts, SMS and email notifications, as well as the opportunity to manage the shipment (redirect, reschedule) in real-time when it is already in the car of the courier delivering it. This new service for us is based on a partnership with the local strong Czech courier company We Do.

We deliver your shipments from an address in Bulgaria to an address in the Czech Republic in up to 4 working days.

We keep the operational model by collecting the shipments from the address in Bulgaria specified by you and the next day we receive them consolidated in our distribution warehouse in Ruse, together with your shipments to all other international destinations that we serve. From there they are shipped to various destinations and thanks to the international cross-border road delivery network we have developed, we visit the depots of each courier company with which we partner in Central and Eastern Europe. This is our model of working with our new partners from We Do.


After receiving the shipments in Ruse, they are sorted by country. The transit time from Ruse to the Czech Republic is 2 days, and on the third, they are already in a courier for delivery. This means that the transit time from the address specified by you in Bulgaria is 4 working days, except for emergency force majeure situations caused by crossing many different international borders. We also keep the price conditions for both the delivery and the Cash on Delivery option.

We store and process your shipments at our fulfillment center in Ruse and deliver them to the Czech Republic in up to 3 working days.

The shipment method is also active for our current and future customers who use fulfillment services in our warehouse in Ruse. They receive shorter transit times and even more competitive price terms because we receive their online orders directly in our warehouse system. This allows us to prepare and send each shipment to the Czech Republic on the same day.


We listen carefully to our customers in order to offer them the most suitable logistic solutions.

As always, behind the idea to develop an entirely new shipment method is our desire for our customers, Bulgarian online retailers, to receive the best from the courier industry in each country. Therefore, based on the positive feedback from local online retailers located in the Czech Republic and delivering to the Czech Republic, as well as our in-depth research, we decided to redirect and recommend this new delivery option to all active and future euShipments customers.


Options with the courier companies PPL and GLS Czech Republic remain available, but based on our experience and expert assessment, we recommend that your deliveries be made by our new partner in the Czech Republic, namely – We Do.


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Betina Blagovestova

Finance and Accounting Department
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