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28 published its logistics report. euShipments is again among the champions in Bulgaria!

For another year, the Bulgarian media for economic news and analysis –, publishes its report on Transport, Logistics and Courier Services. The report is a comprehensive analysis of the logistics, freight forwarding and transport industry in Bulgaria for 2021. It provides detailed information on the trends, challenges and opportunities in the industry, as well as an analysis of the performance of the leading logistics companies operating on the Bulgarian market. It is also an invaluable tool for companies looking to expand their business in Bulgaria or for investors looking to channel funds into the industry.


We are honored by the special attention that the editors pay to our company, which stands out from others in the industry in terms of business specifics. Among all the players providing courier services in Bulgaria, we are the only company that is not essentially a courier company, but an integrator of courier services. In addition, with our eCommerce specialization, we are the only business that also develops a second main activity – fulfillment services. For this reason, about 35% of the entire volume of shipments processed by us, and hence revenue for the analyzed by 2021, comes from fulfillment.


Based on the revenue for 2021, as well as our growth compared to the previous 2020, we fall into the Top 20 companies operating in Bulgaria.


Our inclusion in this report clearly shows that, without being a courier company, but an integrator of courier services, we are among the leading businesses in Bulgaria providing high-quality solutions for local and international deliveries. And comparing with our successes and growth over the past year, we are confident that we will enter the top 10 positions of the report for 2022!


This position in the industry, combined with our experience, gives us deep insight into trends and business development in the future. In the report, our CEO Svetlozar Dimitrov commented:


“The business will continue to develop innovatively, as customers will look for more and more flexible solutions for deliveries and payments.”


That is why our team of experts work extremely hard to ensure that every aspect of the logistics process, from order fulfillment to successful delivery, is carried out with maximum care and efficiency. We use the latest technology and software to track shipments and provide real-time updates to our customers so they are always well-informed.


In conclusion, we would like to thank for including us in their report. This confirms our position as a leading provider of logistics services in Bulgaria and Europe and reinforces our commitment to provide exceptional quality to our customers.



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