through 2022 in facts and figures!


2022 was a very successful and intense year for

In this article we review all Company Milestones for 2022.


We thank our clients, partners, friends who follow the company with interest and witness the efforts we make to improve our processes and services for the eCommerce business. All the exciting changes, new achievements that happened to us in 2022, we owe to you. Your trust gives us a huge motivation to keep confidently moving on.


The first step towards the future of


In the first half of 2022, we took a “step forward” that will determine our next period of development. We started a partnership with BlackPeak Capital – a capital investment company for the growth of companies from the region of South-Eastern Europe. Our goal is clear – business expansion to the markets of Central and Western Europe. This was the logical continuation of our intensive development and we took this step to continue to be the best logistics solution for eCommerce business.


A huge growth that we are proud of.


Speaking of growth, in 2022 for the first time in one month we managed to process over 100 thousand shipments, and not long after that followed November 2022, in which we delivered over 325,000 shipments. This is how we reached our record 1.8 million shipments in one year. This means a 220% growth in shipment volumes compared to 2021 – growth that many dynamically developing companies from various business sectors in Europe cannot boast of.



The family continues to expand.


Our team has also grown – in December 2021, 37 top experts have been taking care of your shipments, and in December 2022 we are already close to 60 people. Each new addition to the team also provides new added value for our customers. We often define as an “IT company with several warehouses” and we can say with no doubt that the software platform developed by us is a world-class one. However the human factor – every single member of our team, is more valuable than even the most perfect software because of their professionalism and dedication. Although the definition of being one big family is terribly worn out, that is exactly what we are.


We have acquired invaluable experience to share with you.


This year we also celebrated our 10th birthday. This anniversary was an occasion to review the last decade and look back at countless good and some difficult moments. These 10 years have passed with a lot of effort for continuous development, but also confidence that the direction we have taken will lead us and our clients to inevitable success!

Over time, we gained a lot of diverse experience, “took a lot of slaps in the face”, as we like to joke. After all, today “experience” is one of our core values. This is a very big added value for our current and future clients because they have the freedom to choose between our many fulfillment and delivery solutions, while at the same time they can always rely on our experience-based recommendations.


We won an award for innovative company.


What is happening in the company did not go unnoticed by Forbes. In October, we were awarded by them with a prize for an innovative company. For the goals we set, innovation is a necessity. Innovations are created when there is a need for solving a problem. Our innovations are inspired by the latest trends in eCommerce and by understanding the needs of our clients, to whom we always provide customized solutions.


We started the year with one own fulfillment center – the one in Ruse, and we are ending with three – with our newly opened centers in Budapest and Zagreb. We’ve told you about it in detail as it’s a big development for the company on an operational level. We are proud to be able to offer better transit times and optimized prices – and therefore better services than ever before, for all of Central Europe.


We shared our success supporting charity organizations.


Our successes create the opportunity to support various charities and we do so willingly and with pleasure. For nearly three years now, we have been allocating BGN 0.02 of each processed shipment. Thus, we channeled the provided amounts to help initiatives and associations such as the “Predai natatyk” foundation, we also supported the “Zaedno v chas” foundation, the “Telerik Academy” foundation and the “Neshto byrzo” KBS association. We hope that in the future, along with the successes, the causes that we can support in one way or another will increase.


In 2023, we stay by your side to facilitate your international development.


In conclusion, we can promise you that next year will be even more successful, and more dynamic and will hold many new surprises. And we will be more flexible, motivated, and purposeful, better at our work than ever before.


Dear clients, partners, friends, continue to develop with our help and together with us. Be bold and confident, conquer new markets, only unset goals are impossible to fulfill.


We wish you a healthy, happy and very successful 2023!


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