is among the 5 fastest growing companies in Bulgaria in the Transport and Logistics category.


We rank 5th in the Transport and Logistics sector, 3rd in the Ruse region and 134th at the national level.

Svetlozar Dimitrov, Managing Partner at, shares:


“Growth is not the only thing, but it is the best proof of the trust we receive from Bulgarian online retailers!”


High-quality logistics is our vocation and over the last decade, we have invested a lot of efforts and resources to ensure the stability and competitiveness of Bulgarian online retailers selling in Bulgaria and Europe. We provide them with unlimited opportunities for development and this leads us forward because we grow with them.


We came across 3 separate rankings in the business report “Gepard”, prepared by

Gepard is an annual ranking that examines the dynamics in the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Bulgaria over the past year, and the main indicator is revenue growth.


We are proud that in this year’s edition ranks
➤ 5th place in the sector “Transport and logistics”
➤ 3rd place in the economic region of Ruse
➤ 134th place in the ranking of the most dynamic companies in Bulgaria.


For us, this is a huge recognition for a well-done job and for the efforts we have made to turn Bulgarian online stores into prosperous international businesses.


The report also provides:
➤ Data for over 2000 companies: revenues, profits, staff
➤ Distribution of leaders by regions and sectors
➤ Analyzes and success stories
➤ Curious statistical indicators


After the interesting and unpredictable 2020, marked by the transformation and digitalization in many business sectors, in 2021 eCommerce continues to record high growth rates.

This is a prerequisite for the development of online stores, but without a logistics partner to meet the high volumes of online orders and optimize all processes of packaging, processing, and delivery of each shipment, online retailers would find it difficult to achieve stability. published the success story of how we have been creating logistics solutions for online merchants for 10 years.

In his interview for, our managing partner Svetlozar Dimitrov, shares how over the years our services have been upgraded many times so as to offer a full cycle of courier and fulfillment services for online stores with coverage in all countries part of the European Union:


➤ Cross-border courier deliveries to an address or to the so-called Lockers and PuDo networks with the option of cash on delivery.
Fulfillment services and delivery from fulfillment warehouse.
AirExpress services
Global Premium – deliveries with minimum transit times to premium markets for prepaid orders.
Global Economy – economy class deliveries with extended transit times.
IT solutions for optimization and automation of logistics and financial processes.
Free modules for integration with eCommerce platforms.


As Mr. Dimitrov noted in one of his answers to, online retailers rely on our experience, our hundreds of shipping methods, and the fact that we work with over 30 partner courier companies and fulfillment centers across Europe:


“With us, the logistics task has been solved. The online merchant does not need to research which courier companies are suitable for him in each country, negotiate prices and operating models with them, pay them, nor communicate with them on topics such as shipment statuses, complaints, invoices, and amounts related to cash on delivery. All these activities are gathered in the software solution developed by us, the client interface, and our expert team is always available to assist.”


For the last 3 years, we have invested in 2 new fulfillment warehouses in Ruse to meet the needs of our clients.

In 2015, one of our current clients challenged us to receive, store and process all his goods in Ruse and deliver his online orders to Romania, Hungary, Greece, and Bulgaria.

Over the next few years, its volumes continued to grow, and many others of our clients also decided to use the newly introduced fulfillment service. This led to a rapid depletion of storage space and in 2019 we moved all our activities to a new, significantly larger fulfillment warehouse.


As a result of the constant expansion of our portfolio of services and the drastic jump in the volume of shipments from online stores worldwide, many online businesses that want opportunities for easy and fast development abroad have sought our fulfillment services.

This has led to the need to double our storage capacity and human resources by investing in the 2nd fulfillment warehouse in Ruse in 2021. In this way, we can ensure the successful delivery of shipments on time during Black Friday, Christmas holidays, or any other periods when the logistical load is at its peak.


We do not stop improving in order to offer the most complex courier and fulfillment services according to the individual needs of each online merchant.

Read the full interview to learn the answers of Svetlozar Dimitrov to the following questions:

➤ What are our advantages over the competition?
➤ How does our company facilitate the steps of an online trader who has decided to sell abroad?
➤ What are the most sought-after markets for our customers at the moment?
➤ What advantages of the company make it preferred for logistics services for international online stores?
➤ How has the pandemic changed eCommerce and its logistics?


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