euShipments and eCommerce Academy in close partnership to support the eCommerce development


Our collaboration with eCommerce Academy in 2023 will allow many online businesses to benefit from our shared expertise and experience

With the growing popularity of online shopping and the development of businesses offering eCommerce related services, the demand for qualified professionals in this field has never been higher. eCommerce Academy, established in 2016, is an organization providing first-class education and training to aspiring online merchants in Bulgaria and the Balkans. The academy’s innovative approach combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience, enabling online merchants to develop a solid understanding of the eCommerce industry and the skills needed for success.


euShipments will partner with eCommerce Academy on a series of initiatives in 2023. This strategic collaboration aims to support eCommerce professionals and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed for success in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.” – says Nikola Ilchev, founder of eCommerce Academy.


With our extensive experience in courier and fulfillment services for international online sales, we realize the importance of providing the know-how to the next generation of eCommerce professionals. Through this partnership, we will work closely with the eCommerce Academy to share with the audience valuable insights and real-world experience in the logistics and shipping aspects of eCommerce shipments.


As part of our partnership with the eCommerce Academy, we will collaborate on a series of joint events and initiatives throughout the year aimed at supporting the eCommerce industry and entrepreneurship in this area. These events will provide participants with a platform to interact with industry experts, exchange ideas and gain experience. Here’s what’s coming up:


💠 Balkan eCommerce Summit – as the name suggests, this unique event will bring together the biggest eCommerce experts, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in the Balkans. We are happy to be a main sponsor and partner of this initiative to share knowledge and experience at an international level, as such a format is being organized for the first time in the Balkans. Balkan eCommerce Summit will be held on April 4th and 5th in Sofia, and here is a link to the official website:


💠 eCommerce Academy Conference | Best practices – as part of our partnership during the year, we will also support the annual conference of the eCommerce Academy – and in 2023 the highlight will be the best practices in eCommerce. The event is planned for October, more details coming soon!


💠 Participation in an eCommerce professions’ video series where we, euShipments, will introduce you to 6 familiar and not-so-familiar professions in the eCommerce industry. Members of our team will tell you briefly about the specifics of their work and how exactly they help online merchants – our customers – to make successful sales and deliveries in Europe. The series will be available for watching on YouTube and Tik Tok.


💠 eCommerce Academy Podcast – euShipments will be a primary partner for this year’s 24 episodes of the eCommerce Academy Podcast. Listen twice a month on Spotify and Apple Podcast!


💠 euShipments x eCommerce Academy | Networking events – together with the eCommerce Academy are also planning two evening events dedicated to networking especially for members of the eCommerce space in Bulgaria and the region – owners of eCommerce businesses, representatives of companies in the field of online sales’ services. More information and dates for the events will be announced additionally!


We are excited to once again join forces with the eCommerce Academy and support the development of eCommerce professionals!


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