euShipments and Darik Radio with a new episode of the exclusive eCommerce series


On the broadcast of Darik Radio, the guest expert Dimitar Dimitrov from Stenik comments on online sales in Romania and the region

We continue with our exclusive series on the national broadcast of Darik Radio – Online sales and deliveries in Bulgaria and abroad. In this partnership with Darik Radio, we aim to inform Bulgarian online merchants on various issues related to online sales and to motivate them to develop their business both in Bulgaria and abroad.


On March 7th, the guest expert in the second episode of the series was Dimitar Dimitrov – partner in Stenik – a Bulgarian technology company specializing in the development, maintenance of online stores for big brands such as Lilly Drogerie, Hippoland, Douglas and others. Stenik’s mission is to provide and adapt global solutions and know-how for Bulgarian merchants, thereby making them more competitive in the digital economy.

On the national broadcast of Darik radio – Online sales in Romania and the region

The main topic of conversation in the Darik Cafe morning block was online sales in Romania and the region. In the company of Svetlozar Dimitrov and the hosts Dyuzev and Raichev, Dimitar Dimitrov shared his expert opinion regarding the preferences of Bulgarian online merchants when selling abroad.


D. Dimitrov commented on the reasons for Romania to be the most desirable market in the Balkans for Bulgarian online merchants:


💠 Geographic proximity

💠 High activity of online users

💠 High average order value, for comparison – several times higher than the average value for Bulgarian users


However, for some sectors of the Bulgarian eCommerce business, Greece is an even more meaningful and promising market than Romania. The average value of an order in Greece is even higher – almost twice as much compared to Romania. In addition, the country’s internal competition for eCommerce is different from the rest of the Balkans, while Greek consumers are positive about shopping from foreign merchants.


“Lack of localization is not a problem.” – commented D. Dimitrov – “Statistics show that Greek consumers shop at least once a year from foreign online stores.”


S. Dimitrov adds that the situation on the Croatian market is similar. While the local eCommerce field is still not very well developed, after joining the Eurozone, Croatia is a highly desirable destination for hundreds of foreign eCommerce businesses. Thus, Croatian online consumers have a positive attitude towards shopping from foreign brands.


D. Dimitrov also indicated what are the main points in the preparation of online merchants for sales abroad:


💠 Technology – a multilingual and multi-currency platform is needed, with the ability to also integrate local payment methods for each market

💠 Localization – the specific thing here is that for some types of products, the validation of texts and terms by a native speaker is particularly important

💠 Marketing – in this regard, brands that focus on social media marketing are favored, as this is the easiest way to reach foreign users

💠 Customer service in native language – this is an additional service for users that increases the trust of customers from the local market, as well as a mandatory element for good competitiveness in foreign markets

💠 Logistics – for online merchants this is also one of the most disturbing aspects when opening new markets


“According to euShipments customers, logistics is one of the biggest concerns of online merchants.” – adds S. Dimitrov.


The truth is that Bulgarian online merchants need to be bolder in terms of sales in new markets, and with the support of eCommerce partners such as euShipments and Stenik, the process is maximally facilitated and optimized.


You can listen to the entire discussion in the video below:



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