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Александър Маринов отзиви | euShipments

Hello! My name is Ivelina Marinova and I represent PROMEES - the luxury brand for womenswear and accessories.

Due to the increasing interest in the products of our brand, we started having the goal to sell outside Bulgaria. That is how we learned about InOut and after a meeting with them, we started working together. They consulted us on many issues - not only regarding the Romanian market. but on some accounting and law matters. InOut communicate with our clients by phone and in the popular social media, they translate all the texts that we need for the website, ads, and publications, they pick up the shipments from our warehouse, and they deliver them on the next day. Our partnership already has a two-year history, during which we have multiplied our sales in Romana several times and now we are looking towards Greece as the next destination. We are really satisfied with our productive partnership and the high professionalism of the services provided. It is a pleasure working with the whole InOut team!

Ivelina Marinova
Representataive of PROMESS Bulgaria

I'm an eMag Marketplace Partner. It was important for me to be able to promote and sell my products in all possible eMag markets outside Bulgaria. This is how I got to know the euShipments services.

Thanks to them, I have been selling successfully in Romania for over a year now, and now Hungary and Poland are online. When a courier waybill is generated from their call center, they contact my recipients in their native language, confirm the delivery details and specify details such as delivery time, amount of cash on delivery, etc. After the call, my waybill is ready, and I only pass on the contents of the shipment for delivery. EuShipments does everything so that the shipments reach their courier partner in Romania and tracks their delivery. If, for some reason, the delivery is not successful, they contact the recipient to arrange a second visit or redirect the shipment to a new address. EuShipments also takes care of cash on delivery, collecting it from the local courier and paying it to their customers in their desired account and in their desired currency.

Alexander Marinov
Marketplace Partner на eMag
Валентин Костадинов отзиви | euShipments
Теодор Димитров отзиви | euShipments

From an online merchant in Bulgaria to sales in Romania, Hungary, Greece and Cyprus with euShipments I came across their services looking at Romania. It was great for me to know that based on them, I would be able to deliver to a large part of the EU with the "cash on delivery" option.

Valentin Kostadinov
Chief Financial Officer of RobiCam

I own an online store for mattresses and sleepwear.

To euShipments, I commission the loading of products produced from our factory and their storage in their warehouse in Ruse (Bulgaria). There, they receive orders from our e-shop and complete the entire Pick, Pack & Ship process, or Fulfillment, as it is called. Deliveries to end customers are made by the courier companies of their choice in Bulgaria and Romania, and the amounts collected from cash on delivery in both countries are received in my current account in Bulgaria. What made me work with them is that they have a call center with Romanian-speaking staff. Thus I quickly and easily crossed the language barrier with my business.

Teodor Dimitrov
Managing Partner at Amber Technology JSC
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