Take advantage of 17 countries in Europe to which we deliver your shipments with the option for “Cash on delivery”

Delivery your shipments to your end customers through international courier deliveries or through deliveries from our fulfillment warehouse with the active option for “Cash on delivery” in 17 European countries. For 9 of them, located in Central and Eastern Europe, we even provide a fixed cash on delivery fee, regardless of the collected amount.

Cash on delivery
Cash on delivery

expand the scope of your online business even easier and deliver competitively to the strong local “players” in Europe!

We offer you the best logistics solution, and you sign one single contract! With us you can deliver:

  • with the active “Cash on Delivery option”, where all collected amounts are paid in a bank account and currency of your choice;
  • with excellent transit times;
  • at a competitive delivery price free of “Fuel” tax;
  • with the portfolio of services of over 30 proven local courier companies;

We deliver your online business

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