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Bulgarian E-commerce industry development in a period of pandemics and military conflicts. Learn more >>

Svetlozar Dimitrov, our managing partner, is a guest on Darik Radio’s morning show – “Darik Cafe”. The discussion фоцусед on a number of global factors that influence the development of E-commerce

2020 Trends

Dimitrov shares that the COVID measures have contributed a lot to the accelerated development of online stores. Since the beginning of the quarantine, we have witnessed a real boom of online merchants.

At the moment, a process of “natural selection” is underway in Bulgaria. Gradually, smaller businesses leave the market while large companies establish their presence.


East Europe 2022

The military conflict in Ukraine had a negative impact on the industry. There is a drop in online orders in the areas around the conflict. However, Eastern and Southeastern Europe are the most dynamically developing markets. In the future, many Western businesses are expected to direct their goods and services to these new destinations.

Dimitrov also pointed out that we are entering an interesting period with the approaching Black Friday and Christmas holidays, which traditionally encourage much more than usual shopping.


“A big part of online shopping is emotional shopping.” he said.


And by the end of the year, emotions will increase. Bulgarian online merchants will be facing a lot of work, but our team is prepared to meet their needs at the peak of the load and prevent the “usual” shipping delays at that time.

Find the entire discussion with the Darik Café host’s here



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