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Learn how to grow your online business and manage your eBay orders by delivering competitively to international markets with

Managing and developing Bulgarian online business at the international level is even easier with the new promising partnership between us, – a leader in courier and fulfillment services for online stores in Central and Eastern Europe, and eBay – one of the largest multinational platforms for electronic commerce.


In order to provide more comprehensive services and key benefits for every online trader, both companies join forces to maximize the prosperity of e-Commerce businesses based in Bulgaria.


You can apply through the form on the program’s website.


Professional support from eBay for the clients of in the stages of starting and growing online business abroad


The new key partnership allows a flying start for all current and future clients with the eBay development program.


As one of the largest platforms for international online commerce with over 1.5 billion advertisements, eBay provides a unique advantage for Bulgarian online traders seeking foreign markets.


Relying on as their logistics partner, e-commerce businesses get access to the eBay development program completely free of charge. It includes: 


  • 💠  5-step personal training provided by eBay specialists
  • 💠  Customized solutions for uploading products and synchronization tools
  • 💠  Information about good practices and marketing solutions for growth
  • 💠  Free 3-month store subscription 


The program provides the necessary assistance for trading on the platform with many opportunities – 12,000 Bulgarians have already sold on eBay, and every 11 seconds someone buys from a Bulgarian seller.


Competitive supplies and additional prospects for eBay users and their partners


Relying on us, as one of the leading e-Commerce professionals in the country, eBay makes it easy for online merchants to solve many administrative, technological and logistical problems.


With the fulfillment and courier services of, every eBay user and partner gets the opportunity to: 


  • 💠  Delivery of online orders to all over Europe with dozens of premium European and global courier companies through a single contract with
  • 💠  Storage of goods close to their recipients abroad in one of the 10 fulfillment centers, which guarantees them shorter transit times and lower delivery prices
  • 💠  Preferential price terms for a longer period directly from
  • 💠  Saving time and resources regarding the logistic processes


All this is possible thanks to the partnership between and eBay, which gives merchants full access to our international courier network in more than 20 countries with a single contract, a single API integration or client interface and a contact with a dedicated account manager for all issues and delivery destinations.


Sell in international markets even more successfully while we are taking care of your shipments to reach your new clients.


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