Digital marketing and eCommerce in 2023


Marketing strategies for eCommerce success through the eyes of digital agency BeCreative

Digital marketing and what’s ‘new’ in this space in 2023 is revolutionizing the way online businesses connect with their audiences. With the help of new digital tools, online store owners can expand their reach and connect with their potential customers faster and easier than ever before. The first step to a successful marketing strategy for online store startups is, of course, planning. Identifying goals, markets and budget is a key step before building a plan of action.


One of the key tasks to improve an online store’s search engine visibility on the Internet is search engine optimization (SEO), which in 2023 is simply a must. The use of social media, email campaigns, organic content and paid advertising are among the core classic elements of digital marketing that have and will continue to help eCommerce engage consumers and drive them to online merchants’ platforms.


Online store design continues to play an important role in attracting customers and increasing sales. You need to optimize your website in terms of speed, desktop/mobile versions and user experience, which will encourage customers to stay longer on your page and purchase your products.


Quality content remains key to successful digital marketing in 2023. Creating valuable and relevant blog articles, videos, infographics and expert insights will engage your customers and promote your brand.


Targeting and retargeting are also important processes to pay close attention to and will help you reach specific audiences who have an interest in your products.

Digital marketing partner – benefits for your online business

Working with a digital marketing agency in 2023 provides access to the most innovative services, including AI solutions, and optimizes time and costs for eCommerce businesses. A good agency supports its clients in several ways – builds the brand, its audience communication tone and personality; optimizes the presentation of products along with their most characteristic features and benefits; successfully builds a detailed audience profile and follows it through the marketing strategy.


Put another way – it develops a unique brand identity in the digital space so that it stands out among competitors and helps to optimize marketing campaigns and increase ROI.


What we at BeCreative Digital Agency focus on is increasing brand engagement, and consequently revenue and customer base, which helps you be more competitive and increase your market share in all the markets you sell to online.


Our partners (as we call our customers) trust us for their digital presence, and we strive to exceed their expectations. Here are some examples of the results we have achieved for various brands in recent years:


1. 400% ROAS in a competitive theme in just 3 months

2. Increased traffic to the site

3. Increase the number of orders by 308% in one month

4. Reaching an average cost of 0.02 BGN per click for a brand campaign and 2775.80 BGN revenue.

5. First position in the search network among advertising campaigns

6. Last click advertising revenue for the last 5 months on a weekly basis


Digital marketing is essential to the long-term success of your eCommerce business. By incorporating marketing strategies into your business development plans, you can reach a larger audience, increase traffic to your online store, and achieve international growth and success for your brand!


Author: Antoniya Atanasova, Digital marketing specialist, BeCreative is also a socially responsible company, allocating funds from each processed shipment in its budget to support various social causes and initiatives. By entrusting their shipments to them, online merchants help various causes in support of disadvantaged people and various social and sports initiatives related to child and youth education and development.


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