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The customer support we provide for you, our customers, is one of our biggest business advantages regarding the Romanian online market. Whether we are talking about strong international brands generating thousands of orders per month, or online merchants just breaking into international sales, we have a solution for everyone.


For your online sales in Romania, we provide 24/7 customer support entirely in Romanian. Our advanced process aims to make it as easy as possible for you, with our Customer support professionals handling all post-sales communication.


In this article, we want to tell you more about our customer support for Romania – from the moment of creating an order to the moment of its successful delivery. In fact, the process does not end there, because we also provide processing of returns and exchanges for you. Whether you ship to Romania from your warehouse or through our fulfillment center in Ruse, our customer support and monitoring process starts when a new order is submitted in your online store.


Confirmation of delivery details


Not always the delivery details of an order are completely accurate. An incorrect number in a phone number, an incompletely filled out address, and even sometimes the order itself needs correction – wrong size or color of a product for example. Wrong data is normal, but for you, the online merchant, it means wasted money.


To avoid this situation, we provide you with a data confirmation service for order and delivery details. After purchase, our experts contact the user for confirmation and corrections. This way we save you time and costs from sending the wrong product and/or to the wrong address. At the same time, your customers are confident that their order gets the attention it needs right away.


Additionally, with us, you have a local contact number available for your sales in Romania. Your customers can be satisfied that there is always someone they can contact regarding their order, call being charged at the domestic rates.


Delay/Redirection of deliveries


When shopping online, customers naturally choose the most convenient delivery point. At the same time, when unforeseen situations appear, it can make the comfortable uncomfortable. For a good customer experience, there should always be an alternative solution. Therefore, regardless of which of our partners in Romania does the ‘last-mile’ delivery, your customers can always contact our Customer support team and request a delay or redirection of the delivery – to a new address, to a convenient PuDo or Locker for them.


Having such convenience is also a method of minimizing unclaimed shipments – something that even the most successful e-Commerce brands face. If such a situation does arise, we take care that 100% of your undelivered or unclaimed shipments will be returned to you.


Procedure for unclaimed or undelivered shipments


Shipment delay/redirection is not our only method of preventing unclaimed shipments. Our Customer support team operates with our special software module that notifies in real time for a failed first delivery attempt. Our experts do not wait for the standard second attempt but initiate a call to establish contact with the customer.


The goal is receiving details for successful delivery – changing the time, address or delivery method to a more convenient one, paying particular attention to undelivered shipments with Cash on delivery. We are proud to share that we manage to increase the Successful Delivery Rate by 5-7%. And the whole procedure is carried out without any additional costs for you, our customers!


Processing returns and exchanges


Returns and exchanges are rights that customers often take advantage of. However, for you, the online merchants, these are additional shipping and handling costs. We are here with an advanced process that saves you not only money but also time and unnecessary trouble.


In cases where a return or exchange of an order is required, we provide a Romanian return address. The knowledge that any possible return is sent to a local address guarantees the trust and peace of mind of your customers.


Regardless of who bears the return costs – you or your customers, when exchanging/returning you benefit from the domestic value of the courier service. For additional convenience, we offer the option of exchange/return from a personal address.


Comprehensive monitoring process


We provide detailed monitoring of each step of the delivery process. When a shipment is handed over to a last-mile partner, we perform 24/7 tracking of status and transit times to ensure that each order will successfully reach its recipient.


Monitoring does not end with the delivery process. Upon receipt of exchange/return requests, we strictly track the return of your products. And for your continuous information – we provide you with the status and location in real-time for every single shipment through the customer panel in our platform.


Quality customer support


Your online business in Romania deserves the best possible customer support – that’s why we provide it!


We wish you successful sales and deliveries to Romania and all international markets!


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