A courier delivery network for road deliveries to 10 countries in Europe, which we have built for you, the online traders!


We have built our road courier delivery network for you! So that you can sell and deliver more in Central and Eastern Europe and pay a fair price for it!

Developing our road courier delivery network in Europe, for more than 8 years now we have been working for you, selecting the best courier companies and offering you their portfolio of services through one single API integration and/or client interface.


Why should you learn from your own mistakes, investing more time, and financial resources in doing so? We can help you avoid this when you base your deliveries on our experience:



Why should every online business have at its disposal a logistics solution like ours?

✔️ Because only we can give you road access to 10 countries in Europe;

✔️ Because only our network is built in partnership with over 20 of the most recognizable and stable courier companies in Europe;

✔️ Because only with us a Bulgarian online store can provide 12 different delivery options at its checkout, performed by the TOP 5 couriers in Bulgaria;

✔️ Because you deliver with our courier partners, based on a contract only with euShipments and integrating only with us;

✔️ Because at the end of each month you receive from us a single invoice for all courier services;

✔️ Because you receive the collected Cash on Delivery amounts only from us, in currency and current account of your choice. Also, you can track and manage all cash flows from all countries in one place;

✔️ Because when you work with us, you communicate with a single dedicated Key Account Manager, regardless of the delivery courier, destination country, and issue.


All this, to make you even closer to your new customers and recipients in Europe!


Why does your online business need our road courier delivery network in Europe?

By choosing to work with us, you are helping your online business grow without the logistical obstacles, mistakes, and delays.

Be a step ahead of the online competition by not wasting time searching for and changing courier companies for one or several markets. This way you will not waste time negotiating new terms of delivery and investing more resources in new and expensive integrated solutions.


Choose euShipments and let your recipients choose from whom and how to receive their deliveries. Choose us and sell in international markets without thinking about who and how will deliver for you!


We have developed our services based on feedback from the online market and the feedback received from our customers. We know perfectly well what happens when you sell on international markets and are not satisfied with the local courier or the quality of the road deliveries. You have to pause your sales or keep them to a minimum while negotiating with a new courier company or integrating your online store with it.


With us this process is different!



Starting an international market, we set up your account so you can work with the best possible option of local couriers for your shipments. However, if you wish to test your work with another courier or you are not satisfied with our recommendation, a change of courier partner in our system is done within a few minutes. We activate a new delivery option and your warehouse is already working and printing waybills of the new courier. No new contracts, and expensive integrations for you.


And tomorrow when you are ready to activate and attack a market that is new for you, you don’t have to think about who will perform the last-mile delivery. Rest assured that we already have the best solution! On our website, you can see all the countries that are one step away from being the new markets for growing the sales of your online store.




You can find out all about euShipments and our courier and fulfillment services for online stores here.

We look forward to your inquiries at office@euShipments.com or in the form below!

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