Check how our international deliveries and courier services help online traders


Look behind the scenes of a leading company specialized in making international deliveries of shipments from online stores.

Growing your business through sales in international markets and making successful international deliveries is a task that requires a great deal of knowledge about specifics of e-commerce in each new country, the end-customers in it, as well as having a stable logistics partner.

Eushipments’ mission is to help online traders develop and be more successful in their international sales and deliveries.

For this purpose, together with Mediapost Hit Mail Bulgaria, a digital marketing agency, we created Balkan eCommerce. Thanks to our in-depth expertise in 2 seemingly different activities, we provide the full range of tools and know-how needed to adapt your e-shop to new markets. At Balkan eCommerce, we offer content translation, preparation, and management of marketing strategies for sales on international markets, flexible courier solutions, fulfillment warehouses for product storage and order management, as well as many other necessary services.


What happens behind the scenes of Balkan eCommerce?


Our friends from eCommerce Academy, organizers of the eCA Conference 2020, launched a new initiative – “Behind the scenes of online business”.


It was an honor and pleasure for us that during the 4th episode of the new series they were our guests in our fulfillment warehouse in Ruse. The series of films shows the internal processes of developed businesses related to e-commerce. In the second part of the video, we will show you our fulfillment warehouse and office premises, we will introduce you to our team, we will show you how the whole process of work is going – from receiving shipments to their delivery to a courier. You will also understand how we guarantee that customers will receive their orders.


See the entire working process with which we guarantee successful international deliveries of local online businesses.



We are glad that we had the opportunity to share the way we have been providing our clients and partners with a full cycle of professional international deliveries and fulfillment services of the highest quality for 8 years. Through them you, online traders, can take advantage of:


  • 💠 fast and timely grouping, processing, and delivery of shipments to 20+ proven local courier companies with which we partner;
  • 💠 short transit times to all 20+ European countries, to which we deliver by land from your address/warehouse or from our fulfillment warehouses in Europe;
  • 💠 the option “Cash on delivery” in 10 European countries and flexible payment of the collected funds in currency and bank account of your choice;
  • 💠 quality service to your end customers in their native language.


From the beginning of 2020 until now, we have processed over half a million courier shipments.


Thanks to our well-established and sophisticated system of work, we manage to guarantee continuous international courier deliveries regardless of extreme conditions.


Find out how to build an online store and perform successful international deliveries.

If you are committed to online trading and want to make international deliveries successfully welcome to the eCA Conference 2020 on October 29, 2020, in Sofia. During the event, you will learn more about how to develop your e-shop both nationally and abroad, and you will receive valuable practical advices that could be applied immediately. Find more about the event and tickets HERE.


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