Are there career and business opportunities in Ruse?


Svetlozar Dimitrov shares real cases from our practice regarding successful career and business in Ruse.

We wish to thank Tsvetomir Tsvetanov from FX Group for inviting us to share with you our view on the business sphere and business development opportunities in Ruse, especially now that so many people are affected by the rising unemployment due to the coronavirus. We believe it will be very beneficial for people to see what can be expected when starting a job at InOut Trade this very day.

Why business in Ruse? Why Business in Bulgaria?

“Because in Ruse and Bulgaria there are successful companies, there are successful people, and we all need to do something for the country and society of which we are a part of”, Svetlozar Dimitrov said in response to these questions.

What is the greatest strength of our company?

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