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Get acquainted with the full cycle of services we provide to in our fulfillment warehouse.

We are happy to welcome one of our new customers –, in our fulfillment warehouse, where we store their goods, process, and fulfill their orders. It is important for us to give them the peace of mind that they have a trusted partner behind them, specializing in courier and fulfillment services for e-shops. offers high-quality cosmetic and cleansing products to the consumers, with responsibility for their health and beauty. aims to protect the environment, which is why all products are created by highly qualified specialists and are the result of many years of research and in-depth scientific analysis. As a company relying on high quality, they turned to our professional courier and fulfillment services. products are waiting to be delivered to their new recipients from our fulfillment warehouse.

They chose to deliver from our fulfillment warehouse in Ruse, where we accept their orders, pack them carefully and we give them to our partners from ECONT for deliveries both to an office and to an address. Their online store is fully integrated with our fulfillment system. In that way, the process of order processing, generation of courier waybills and reports, monitoring of stock, statuses, and cash flows (COD amounts) for all markets is fully automated.


Business expansion via conquering new markets!

Based on the integration already built with us and the stored items in our warehouse, can start selling and delivering to 9 more countries in the region without additional costs. We will take care of all their logistics activities and will save them a lot of administrative headaches while they take care of the sales and marketing of their products.


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