Abandoned carts for online shopping – causes and solutions


Turn the abandoned carts into successful orders and deliveries using two simple approaches

Cart abandonment is a common occurrence in the eCommerce field. In order to successfully deal with it, you must first know what the reasons for its appearance are. Adding products to the shopping cart indicates interest in the products and consumer consensus on the set prices. At this point, a desire to buy is already present.


In this article, we’ll take a look at two approaches of dealing with cart abandonment and incomplete purchase – a marketing approach and a logistics approach.




There are lots of different marketing methods to recover abandoned carts such as emails, exit intent pop-ups and retargeting ads, but one that stood out the most is a web platform that specializes in abandoned cart recovery through SMS-es called CartFox.


CartFox is an SMS marketing platform that helps eCommerce businesses recover abandoned carts via short messages. From the ground up, CartFox is built by a team of highly-skilled eCommerce experts that want to help other online stores by supplying them with a max profit solution platform to the currently highest revenue channel: SMS marketing.


But how exactly does it work?



To install CartFox on your online store, you don’t need help from a programmer. All you have to do is install the plugin, connect it with the CartFox web app and you’re ready to send. When the CartFox plugin detects the customer has left an abandoned cart, CartFox will send a reminder to the customer’s phone.


The short messages in CartFox are meant to communicate time-sensitive offers, updates, and alerts to people who have consented to receive text messages from your business. CartFox has a wide variety of uses. It can simply remind your customers of their unfinished orders or it can be used to give your customers free shipping or coupons if they decide to continue ordering.


The whole system that CartFox was built on was to bring you as much revenue as possible for as little investment as possible. That’s why CartFox focuses solely on the strategies that have been proven to be effective in real markets. CartFox starts delivering results in a matter of minutes after installation. It requires no additional work after you set it up and choose which text messages get sent to clients and when.


Abandoned carts for online shopping - causes and solutions


CartFox offers SMS templates that are proven to be successful and that you can send to millions of clients in a matter of minutes. The text messages need to be relevant for your customers to return, that’s why all templates are translated into more than 20 languages.




In many situations, abandoned carts are caused by new users who cannot be retargeted due to the lack of channels for this purpose. But this does not mean that the problem’s solutions end here! As we said at the beginning, when adding products to the cart, there is already a desire to buy. This means that the reason for an incomplete order should be looked for on the Checkout page – is the delivery method inconvenient, or is the payment method?


If the user gets to the shipping section on the Checkout page and sees a single delivery option/courier company that he dislikes, a very long transit time, or that he is not able to pay with Cash on Delivery, there is a huge chance that he will abandon the cart.


Industry statistics, as well as our own experience with more than 500 e-shops, show that simply adding the right delivery options with the most preferred local courier companies immediately increases the website’s conversion rate.


This is where euShipments logistics solutions come to the rescue. Whether you sell online in one or two European countries or the entire Europe, we offer a variety of delivery methods for each market.


Integrator of Courier & Fulfillment Services


With a courier services integrator like us, you can offer your users the best local couriers along with their entire portfolio of services.


With over 600 shipping methods at your disposal, there won’t be a user who doesn’t find the most convenient shipping option for him/her. Our solutions fit all preferences – delivery to a personal (home or business) address, to a courier office, PUDOs or Lockers.


In order to be as flexible as possible with payment methods, with our help you can offer a Cash on delivery option for 17 European countries. This way, you don’t oblige your users to prepay for their purchase and they can complete their orders much more confidently.


euShipments provides a huge portfolio of logistics solutions for online stores – international shipping, fulfillment and software solutions. Thanks to the quality and variety of our services, dealing with abandoned carts is an added value of partnering with us.


Try our logistics solutions in 2023


The bottom line is that euShipments and CartFox offer a huge added value to smaller and bigger online stores all over the world and it’s no secret that we can make a huge difference in your revenue. Try our solutions for your online store by contacting us today!



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